Words are funny things…

If New York was being invaded, you can bet your ass that I would do everything I could to prevent the successful invasion by enemy forces. Molotov Cocktails (we learned how to make those in Hebrew School when an older teacher wanted to make sure that we could take care of ourselves should history repeat itself) to IEDs and whatever tools I could find for the resistance. For my efforts in this country (were I to be successful with whatever band of wo/men I could gather), I would be called a patriot and I would be lauded. Why? Because I would be defending my country, my home and more importantly, my family from a foreign invader who was attacking us. How interesting then, if I were a few countries away I’d be called an insurgent by the same people who, here, would label me a patriot.

Who knew that all we had to do was change the name of “Prisoner of War” to “Enemy Combatant” and all of a sudden our obligations ended. Perhaps in the future we’ll change “Murder” to “Sending on Vacation” and “Stock Fraud” to “Wealth Confusion” and then we can avoid all those hassles that come when you kill people and steal from your workers pension funds and your investors wallets. It’s an orwellian wet dream.

Funny things, these words.

And apparently the same television stations are both left and right wing biased depending on which political party you ask (wouldn’t that then make them center?) and if you fulfill your duties as a citizen you’re a danger to the country and letting the terrorists win. If you stand up for justice and demand truth you are labeled a crazy liberal and you are summarily ignored and apparently God is on everyone’s side (no matter how insane they are)…because they said so (or they have a direct telephone line to the heavens that I’m presently unaware of); and it would seem that no one has read the books that they’re quoting from — at all.

Adults really fuck things up, don’t they?

I’m not an idealist. But I’ve learned a few things and one of them is that if someone’s hungry, you feed them if not because it’s the right thing to do, then because the world can change in a second and very soon that can be you. If someone needs shelter, you find some wood and some nails and you start helping them build shelter; and if some of your friends walk by, they’ll pitch in and soon you’ll have a house; and if enough friends stop by, you can make a few houses and soon you have a village and if you do that, well then something really special happens: you make a community…there’s very few communities these days, though there’s a lot of houses next to each other.

The main difference is that part of being a community means checking on your neighbors, it means bringing them soup when they’re sick, and watching their kids when they’re in a pinch, and driving each other to work and sharing rides when gas prices go up too high and the entire community making sure that children learn right from wrong about the things that really matter in life (not piercings or tattoos or what music is acceptable) but about doing good deeds, loving each other and when they’re older, loving their partner(s) safely, being honest, working hard, volunteering and pitching in when it’s needed and not asking what’s in it for you.

I can only imagine what the world situation would be like if our world leaders who are currently leading us down a short path, grew up in a community instead of a house.