Okay, so a brief update before I get on the plane…

So I do have the full travelogue ready to post after I get back to PBI Airport later this morning (I’m flying from JFK now to PBI and then dropping Grandma off, going to dinner, taking a two hour nap and leaving somewhere in the vicinity of 4am) but I figured I’d share this little gem first since I still have to go over that entry one more time for spelling and minor details.

Anyways, I’m walking in JFK at the jetBlue terminal in pursuit of caffeine (a noble effort) when I pass this guy who’s six foot two, wearing a tight, fitted, tailored wife-beater, mad arm muscles (a fairly visible six-pack) and gorgeous, tanned skin and (to myself) I go “ai papi!” because the situation called for it. So he keeps walking and I keep looking to see if the trunk is as good as the engine and as I make a full body scan, I see his backpack…and on his backpack, is a large Jewish Star.

…Hot damn I need to get to Israel.

Anyways, time to get Grandma her lunch and prepare to board! More later!