Arabic Mid Terms, Modern Greek, Chest Infections and Field Work

Well, first; I went to the Medical Center on Monday, they asked how I was, I said I was feeling better. She asked if I was feeling better, why did I come. And I said that “by better, I mean I don’t feel like I was directly hit with a ton of bricks, more like a blanket party at this point” so the Nurse Practitioner did her thing, checked me out and said “I’m glad you’re feeling better…because you’re not.”

I was told that I had a severe chest infection (take that mild to moderate!). After looking at my chart (to check my age, I presume), and asking me if I had a car (to which my response was “Birkenstocks.”) I was prescribed a Z-Pack and cough medicine with codeine and told to have a ‘happy weekend’. I’m still a few days near getting rid of this thing; but I spent most of today blissfully stoned on cough medicine in class, being decently productive with only slightly glossed over eyes . As I made the rounds to tell my professors that I would be out of class on Tuesday to celebrate Passover, I had a coughing fit in front of Dr. Michelson’s office.

Dr. Michelson: “You sound awful, go home!”
Me: “I CAN’T, I HAVE CLASS” (hack, wheeze, hack, wheeze, lather, rinse, repeat)
Dr. Michelson: “…you have my class…”

I think my main issue with taking time off, is that I forget that my department’s faculty is composed of humans; most of whom don’t take attendance (small classes sort of negate the necessity for that). Mainly, I think the reason that I tend to shy away from taking any time off is that one time, after my accident (the one sophomore year where I fell six feet into a cement floor, smashed in my teeth, broke my nose and lacerated my lip) when a teacher failed me for missing four classes…the four absences were to get my teeth surgically re-inserted into my mouth. Ever since that time I’ve been incredibly wary about missing any class, because hot damn, if dental reconstructive surgery after an accident is a wussy excuse, then you feel like a real wimp for skipping out for something as minor a chest infection.

However, despite the urging of faculty and my peers…who strangely, sat about ten feet away from me today, I plowed on in blissful glee. Wolf’s course was wonderful (as usual), Dr. Michelson’s course was also great (we have a quiz on Thursday), Jürgen’s course was…Jürgen’s course: we received our field assignment in which we have to collaborate with a partner so covarla and I will be doing that; overall it seems like an interesting experiment and the materials to conduct it are provided for us so that’s even better. This then lead me to Arabic Class.

Arabic Mid-Term & Modern Greek

I received my Arabic Mid-Term today; I got a B; which I’m actually okay with (it’s been a tougher semester than previous) and considering I took that exam with a chest infection and a fever I think I did fairly well. Plus, I’m sure that I can walk away with an A- in the course. However, since this is the last of the Arabic Courses I can take at UB, I’ve opted to take a semester of Modern Greek in the coming fall. I really don’t like a semester without at least one language course and while I wanted to take Irish-Gaelic it was (as usual) already filled to capacity and the Sanskrit Course (which I wanted to retake) conflicts with Phonetics so I figured I’d go with Modern Greek, given Greece’s location in the Mediterranean and my affinity for Souvlaki and Spanakopita. UB really should offer Tok Pisin or Tagalog…though I do like Yanni (I know, I know…shut up) so it’s not that I’m complaining it just wasn’t my first choice.

I also really wanted to get into the Yoga, Canoeing or Hiking courses (all three of which I enjoy) but those too, were, sadly, closed out.

Okay, time to make some dinner, and watch some DVDs, and then go to bed. I have a busy day of paperwork and studying to do tomorrow.