Spring Break Wrap Up

Spring Break Wrap Up

Dinner on 14th Street

So…some of my friends from UB Jacqueline (hollow_voice) and her boyfriend, Joe and Adira (endless_gypsy) were coming down to NYC to visit one of Jacqueline’s friends from when she was on study abroad in Italy (he’s now studying in NYC) and they wanted to know about parking, etc. So I told them that they could park in front of my house on The Island because there’s more than enough room.

So when they got here, I introduced them to the family (Mom, Dad, Sam & the Dog) and then we made our way into NYC; after depositing their things on 85th St. on the East Side and picking up her friend from Italy, we went down to the West Village to forage for food. Eventually we wound up on the corner of 8th and 14th and I spotted a little place called Tequilas and Adira had mentioned earlier that she wanted Mexican and it met my standards in that it was small, shady and seedy…so, perfect for everyone really.

The food turned out to be fantastic and well priced. The frozen Margaritas were delightful and the chili was perfection. If you’re looking for some Mexican and you’re in the West Village check it out. I had to leave slightly earlier than everyone else because I had a dentist appointment in the morning and I had to catch the LIRR back home.


So I went to my Dentist the next day (Wednesday) and basically, it was pretty pointless. I was told that I have no issues with my gums, they’re ‘perfection’ as far as gums go, my teeth are wonderful. I’ve never had a cavity and I don’t have one now. So essentially I paid (or my insurance did) to have someone clean my teeth for me, which I guess was nice of them. I mean, I’d prefer it if they paid someone to you know, wave fans and feed me grapes, but having a personal tooth washer can come in handy too in some situations, I guess. Not that I’m recommending that people skip out on their dentist, but I hadn’t been to my dentist in two years and I’m doing just fine…so brush your teeth three times a day, call your mother, and you’re fine.

“All content and aftertaste, it’s like I’m waiting for the scars to heal…kissing me as best…” – Loretta Young Silks

Overall, I’m not terribly satisfied with my education to date.

There’s so much more for me to learn that this degree is almost totally pointless in a way. Yes, it’s given me a good foundation and pointed me in the direction that I want to go in (EMI/T – Emergency Medical Interpretation/Translation), but that’s about it. And while a foundation is important, that’s also how I viewed my High School Education so it’s sort of depressing when the two become so intricately linked, of course I’ve had a much better time in University than I did in High School so that’s a plus.

Right now, I’m gnawing on rawhide and biding my time until I can go out into the world and build the house that the supreme architect worked out for me because I’m tired of building foundations; and while I’ll miss all of my friends, I can’t wait to make Aliyah and start a whole new learning process and really get into the grind.

Classes are going well, though I never feel that way; I always feel behind, I always feel like I can do more, and can do better, and because I wasn’t feeling well I missed one day of classes so I’ve been guilt-ing myself over that for a few days now. However, I am doing good work and I’ll get the results of my Arabic Mid-Term soon (hopefully on Tuesday, Thursday at the latest).

I missed the ability to hand in an assignment for Jürgen’s class; but he drops the lowest grade so I’ll just do really well on the other two assignments (my first assignment was an A) and I should do well in the course.

All of my other courses I’m up to date on all the work and doing well…I just never feel that way. I’ll be getting a lot of work done Tomorrow at the Library, however, so that’s good.

Garlic: Nature’s Anti-Biotic

I’ve been downing garlic for the past few days until I can see my Doctor and this thing’s almost all out of my system as it is anyway so that’s good so by the time I have my appointment it may just be fully gone…and as an added benefit, Vampires are about 400 feet away from me.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss”

I can’t wait, the summer is almost upon us…warm weather is here which means I can start running again and walking from my apartment to school (about 7 miles) or from my apartment to the club (also about 7 miles, just in the opposite direction). And of course, with the spring comes those natural human desires associated with this time of year which will be addressed in short order (hopefully).

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RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.

1. I love Stoners, Jocks and Frat Boys..it’s a weakness I’ve had for some time…and the rougher around the edges they are…the more attracted I am to them.

2. The more attractive I find someone the more verbally combative I get to see if they’re potentially datable, if they don’t put up a fight, challenge me, or call me on it I move on. I need someone who I can’t steamroll over and who’ll take me on.

3. I’ve been talking about eloping since High School and plan to do so at some point in the future. I hate formal events and can’t really see the benefit in spending upwards of $300 a plate on family members that I’ve met no more than twenty times in my life. If I do have a ‘wedding’ (I use ” not to nullify the significance of the act but rather to denote the show that follows) I’ll mail out plane tickets two weeks before and you can clear your schedule and come if you want to; if you can’t come, cash in your ticket and go have fun wherever you want when your time allows you too. The wedding will be conducted in private (as personal vows should be) and will be commemorated in bermuda shorts with margaritas at a bar on the beach.

4. I’m a registered Independent (since I’ve been able to Vote) though my politics can be more accurately described as Libertarian. I dislike both the Republican and Democratic parties almost equally at this point; I find both to be disingenuous and I dislike both parties present day politics. I’m for the de-criminlization of Marijuana and drugs in general for that matter, what Adults choose to put into their bodies is their business as long as they’ve made an informed decision and are prepared to deal with the consequences and don’t intrude into the rights or property of other people in pursuit of their recreational pleasure. I’m for the de-criminalization of Prostitution which only punishes the prostitutes, not the Johns, both of whom as adults should have every right to enter into whatever arrangement they wish so long as it’s done without coercion. I don’t believe the government should recognize any form of marriage and that it should be a private arrangement and matter between two or more adults so long as it is done willingly and the individuals are past the age of consent (which is not to intrude on the rights and liberties of minors, but to protect them until they’re able to make fully informed choices).

5. I always have my bag with me.

6. I hate wearing shoes. I love sandals.

7. The idea of a “normal day at the office” is so repulsive to me that I am actively seeking jobs that require repelling out of helicopters and being shot at…I am responsible for a large portion of my mothers grey hairs, which both I and her take as some weird badge of honor.

8. I get annoyed when people who are promiscuous and loose try to hide behind the flag of being polyamorous to defend their behavior (which they don’t have to defend, I just object to them using the wrong term or trying to hide who they are) instead of admitting that they just like it and they like a lot of it. However, the two are not the same thing (though one is more stigmatized than the other). Being polyamorous means that you love the other people of whom you are in a relationship with, not just lusting after them and fucking . Fucking a lot of people, often, while not in some form of a relationship doesn’t make you polyamorous; there’s a difference.

9. I drink my coffee black and really can’t understand why people sweeten it to the point where it’s no longer coffee…isn’t easier to just get a soda?

10. I listen to my music one song at a time, on repeat.

…I tag everyone…no seriously, you’re all tagged. I don’t like to follow the rules.

Shower Time

Time for a shower, and then bed…