Ladies & Gentleman: Hair of the Dog!

I’ve been hanging out with Jackie this weekend! It’s been wonderful, I’ve missed her so much since she’s moved. I arrived here Friday Night and we (Jackie, her Sister and I) made our way to the Parting Glass Pub to see Hair of the Dog. What a rocking time. Plenty of Guinness on tap, people standing, leaning and swaying in the aisles, women dancing behind us, everyone singing along in a packed pub. I haven’t had a time like that in quite awhile, it was an absolute blast…I had about 4 pints in me and was doing just fine. Jackie, however was wasted…on one pint…oh, I’m sorry she wants me to clarify, a pint and a half.

I recognized one of the guys in the crowd who had a marine cut; I know I met him about a year ago…I can’t quite remember where I met him though, and he was in the company of a woman so I didn’t really want to go up to him incase the place that I met him wasn’t a Starbucks and was more like, oh say the leather party when he was wearing aviators…so I caught his eye once or twice and left it at that.

“You know you’re in the country when you use Roadkill as landmarks” ~ iolausian

Jackie lives…in the middle of nowhere (her excuse “the rent is super cheap”). For those of you who know me, you know that, much like taking your dog to the vet or giving your cat a bath, to get me to go to the country normally requires a tranq gun and some ketamine, bag me and use some chloroform until we arrive at our destination. The country is not normally a place I visit by choice (I tend to drift towards cities) however, for Jackie I make the sacrafice…at least she appreciates my complete terror of being in the country (I hate being outside of a city) and I think that was realized today, when, while we were driving Jackie used Roadkill as a landmark to figure out of we were lost or not “…oh I remember maneuvering past that roadkill yesterday…”


So Jackie and I have been having a RKO: Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers Marathon; absolutely some of the most wonderful dancing I’ve ever seen…and perhaps the most tawdry, roguish, wonderfully scripted innuendo. We’re going to watch more of that and some Trek (the last two movies which I haven’t seen yet and which will torture Jackie given her proclivity to avoid series after they’ve gone down the tubes) tomorrow after we get back from seeing her school (St. Rose) so she can study for her exam and I can start transcribing Eminem for my paper for Wolf; and I can email Jürgen and harass him.

Overall, having a wonderful time and feeling much better.

I’ll be back in Buffalo Monday Night.