First Assignment in Jürgen’s Class

So I received the grade for the first assignment in Jürgen’s class. I got an A. Am I happy with this grade? No Why? Because it wasn’t a perfect A, because I could have scored higher and didn’t, and because I didn’t understand one concept. Is it the highest grade (letter-wise) that I can achieve? Yes. Does this annoy me? Slightly.

Tomorrow (or Today rather since it’s 3:08AM New York/EST) I have to:

1. Mail stuff out (woohoo customs forms and returns)!
2. Study for my Arabic Mid-Term which is Thursday (I’m not panicking, which is a good sign)
3. Finish the Second Homework for Jürgen’s class
4. Drop stuff off in Wolf Wölk’s Mail Box
5. UBULS Meeting (2:30PM)
6. Respond to LJ Comments and Friends posts.

And I’m possibly hanging out with Kurtis, we’ll see where the evening takes us…that can only happen if all my other work is done.

I am starting to feel a bit better, so that’s a good thing. Real update later (…I promise).

– M