Chest Infection + Fever + 7:00AM Flight = Suckage

So I have a chest infection, a fever, I’m clammy (I know, sexy right?) and I’m boarding my flight at 6:30am so we can take off at 7:00am. I cancelled my meeting for today; first, I’m not feeling up to at all, I can barely move and secondly, I don’t think it’s fair to pass this around to my friends (I wouldn’t even share it with my enemies) which means as soon as I land and get my baggage, I’m heading back to my apartment, making a cup of coffee, taking something for the throat and for the chest and watching cartoons while I pass out…and then going to the doctor for a Z-Pack so I can function this week (I have a homework assignment due and a mid-term) and so I can see Jackie on Friday and actually enjoy myself; though seeing Jackie will be good, since it will be three days of amazing, wonderful, movie marathons…including the last two star trek movies, since I haven’t seen them and RKO pictures as well because nothing beats the classics…just what the doctor ordered: relaxation.

Okay, I need to get something cold, I’ll post more later…we’ll be boarding in 23 minutes…heading home, and then napping and then heading to a doctor.