My Green iPod Shuffle Came Today

So, remember how I posted a few weeks back about the Wowio promotion where if you got ten friends to join the site they would mail you a Second Generation iPod shuffle (your choice of color) for free, with no shipping charges.

Many of course, thought it was a scam (which is what they get for not reading the FAQs). Wowio, is in fact, a free service that, through advertising, provides free *.pdf downloads of books. You do need a credit card (if you don’t have a .edu email address) once, to prove your identity, but after that, you can download up to five ebooks a day, and no, they don’t spam.

Well, it came in the mail today:

On the back, it has engraved on it.

I sent them an email thanking them and asking if they could attempt to get the rights to publish the Nero Wolfe series (they ask you to tell them what books you want them to obtain printing rights to) online and they responded saying I’m quite welcome and that their editorial team is on the hunt to get the rights to Nero Wolfe! How cool would it be if I could bring all of my Nero Wolfe books with me, to Israel, on my laptop!? Talk about saving space!