At some point, I really need to design and have printed those laminated things that you put in your binder, you know the reference sheets you can buy; ’cause I just totally created a proof format for the Sonority Scale in Syllabification…it’s sexy, very sexy…I wonder if the IPA would be keen on letting their chart (Revised to 2005) be used in something like that…hmm…couldn’t hurt to ask.

…and incase you’re wondering what I’m doing up…I had to write out my reasoning for why something was or was not the correct syllabification based on sonority, it was so much easier to create a proof system (like one you use in logic/math) than to write paragraphs on it…as it is, the one page homework assignment is now at four pages…actually I’m making coffee and then finishing up Sonority Proofs…and the water’s done boiling, so I’m off until later, when I’ll have a real update!