About to Pass out…but first, mid term grades:

Grades in Sound Structure of English:
Quiz Grade: B+
Homework Grade: A-
Portfolio Grade (Won’t know until end of semester)

Grades in Structure of English Grammar:
None yet, except for the first quiz, which was an uptake quiz and doesn’t really count…our mid term is this week (Thursday)…I’m a little worried about it, I have this nightmare that I go in to take the exam and he says “Okay, now everyone grab three crayons – color choices count! – and draw what you think grammar means to you!” – no seriously, these are my night mares…oh, and the one where it’s storming in Florida and I can’t get the trash out of the trash can to throw outside…I wake up, in a cold sweat, with my heart racing…some people’s nightmares are of monsters, my nightmares are of professors who want me to color inside the lines and trash bags that are too heavy for me to lift.

Mid Term Grade: B- (I’m not thrilled, I need to bring it up to an A)

Mid term is the Thursday after Spring Break, I believe I’m getting an A

Linguistic Anthropology:
I’m waiting on the first homework grade, we’re going with an A, A- at worst.

Now…it’s time to go to sleep…but first, I leave you with some eye candy to enjoy…SR-71…I remember when I first saw them…and they had to sell their own merchandise.