Updatey Goodness

To the new peeps who added me in the past few days

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments field, tell me what your name is (or what name you go by online), where you’re from, what you’re doing, whether or not you match your socks, anything really. I just like to know a little about who’s reading this, where you come from, that kind of thing.

So Those Meetings

This morning I had a two hour Sexual Orientation & Gender Committee meeting where we continued to finalize plans for the University’s first ever Lavender Graduation Ceremony. It’s all very exciting and getting much larger than I had first anticipated. We have the Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus singing and leading the processional and it looks like it’s gearing up to be quite an event. Mom, Dad & Sam have their plane tickets to fly up for it. Unfortunately my Twin (Dave) can’t get the time off of work, which I understand, though it would have been nice to see him again I’d rather he be working and earning money and doing well than taking time off to see me when I can easily see him sometime this Summer after I’m back from Israel.

This afternoon one of the department’s graduate students (Heike Lehnert) who is going to a job interview next week in California was asked by the department to do a dry-run of the talk that she’s going to have to do at the Linguistics Department she’s interviewing at.

From what I was able to gather, she had been asked to take the presentation she gave at the LSA Conference and transform it to something that she could show to Undergrads and MA students (so they needed some undergrads to be Guinea Pigs because the Professors and Associate Professors already are familiar with what she was discussing and as undergraduates, we’re not; so they needed to see if we could acquire the information from one of her lectures since it would be new and fresh to us).

The title of her presentation was The perception of vowel quantity : A cross-linguistic study where she did a series of experiments to see whether or not listeners can perceive vowel duration differences if a) there is no other cue, like vowel quantity or pitch, or b) if their language does or does not have a vowel duration distinction. She compared Thai, German, Japanese and Spanish and her results were fascinating.

She was a fantastic lecturer (with a wonderful, clear, crisp German accent) and her 45 minute presentation felt like 5 minutes. After she was done I felt that I could take my notes and turn to my neighbor and explain to them what I just learned as well as answer any questions that they might have; which is one of the factors I use when I figure out if I like a teacher or not. She did a fabulous job. We then had a subsequent two hour and fifteen minute discussion on what she just presented which was a blast. I really hope she gets the teaching position, I think she’ll make an amazing professor. That was a three hour meeting in total, but it was really fun and I feel that I got a lot out of it.

Then I had Safe Zone Training Certification for three hours. Pizza provided.

University Update

We had quiz 2 of 4 in Dr. Michelson’s class this past Thursday and it was intense. We’ll find out how we did on Tuesday…keep your fingers crossed.

Wolfe Wölk’s course is going amazing…I’m excited to start my paper translating AAVE into SE and working with Praat some more. I really haven’t gotten a chance to use the software as much as I’ve wanted too, and what better way to learn the software to fluency than to do a project that requires it’s use? We have our mid-term in his course this Tuesday. I’m twitter-pated.

Jürgen’s course is going well. I’m starting his homework this weekend (it’s a pretty thick packet). Zubin’s class is…well, Zubin’s class. He hasn’t called me a jerk recently, though I think he got frustrated when I wanted to get on a philosophical discussion of bakery boxes (I assure you, that while I wanted to go down that road mostly to bust his chops, it was totally, 100% relevant to the course discussion at the time and eventually added to understanding of the material). I was also hungry which may have influenced my thought processes…slightly.

Arabic is, as always, going amazing.

“I still maintain that he kicked himself in the balls…” – 10 Things I Hate About You

Because of the ‘Ice Storm’ in NYC/LI and the delays I had with jetBlue I missed the next dose of the vaccination schedule for the Hepatitis Vaccine. I’m calling my Doctor Monday on Long Island to reschedule and see what the repercussions are.

Things are Bigger in Texas & Amy’s Place

I got to talk to Greg (gregstevenstx) today which was cool. Today at 5pm we’re having an informal reunion of all the old LGBTA crew at Amy’s Place…if you’re reading this, you’re invited to come :o)

Okay, bed time all.

Peace ^_^