At the Airport…

I’m at the airport, attempting to get home to NYC/Long Island for a weekend of family, relaxation, vacation booking, and of course getting the next dose in the vaccine cycle.

Currently, however I’m stuck in BUF Airport. We’re delayed because JFK doesn’t have their shit together. I’m okay with being delayed, I have a tons of stuff on itunes from music to television shows to Jackass: The Movie (Johnny Knoxville has a special place in my heart) so it’s not like I’ll be bored and there’s an airport bar with booze and wings so I won’t go hungry. There’s really no point getting frustrated with things that are totally out of your control, it isn’t really productive.

You’d figure, given the amount of Marine’s I know, that one of them would have the ability to like get a helicopter or something…I need to start meeting generals or something, because this rank and file really isn’t working out for me.

I also got a new book the other day, based on a recommendation of a former teacher:

The author’s profile is fascinating, I’m hoping the book is equally as intriguing…I’ll start reading it on the plane.