Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone :o)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone :o)

Even if you’re single (like me…and apparently a large portion of women, given recent surveys that have been appearing on CNN.com) it doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t love you!

Your friends, family, maybe even some of the professors at your school or secretaries at your office and that creepy guy who sort of stares at you as you walk by his apartment on your way to the metro, they all love you! Regardless of whether you’re single or not, polyamorous or monogamous, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

So, if you have your eye on that special someone, Today’s the day to leave a card…even if you chicken out and sign it as a secret admirer. If you don’t have your eye on that special someone, brighten up someone’s day or do a random act of kindness, you’ll feel awesome (I promise you!).

Carnations, Candy, Condoms & Hearts to everyone!

– M

P.S. I’m taking away all of the bad calories from candy today, magical powers that were bestowed upon me ages ago by the all powerful dark lord Xenu. Hail Xenu!