Blizzard be Gone, Bag Hacks, Harry Potter

I knew if I made sure that I was all set to be bunkered down for a few days we’d have no blizzard…I’m looking outside, it’s looking like a normal Buffalo night and, really, nothing major to report…it’s cold out (but we’re used to that) but all’s quiet on the Western, New York Front.

In other news, I’ve been hacking my timbuk2 bag recently…I just need one more patch, and it’s totally geeked out…I’ll post pictures shortly…it’s amazing:

There’s a patch that says “Vampire” and over that is the Hogwarts Crest, and then over that I’m getting a patch that says “Ministry of Wizard Linguistics.” I’m gearing up for the last book (and, our last summit…sadly…) which leads me to my current Harry Potter Predictions:

1. I still maintain that Sirius is coming back, I don’t believe he’s dead at all.
2. After a long discussion with my friend Christine, I think that a certain bird (Fawkes) that constantly comes back to life may, in fact, be a horcrux…I understand the arguments against it, but there’s some pretty neat arguments for it as well (Guy Fawkes Day, among others)…and it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be another phoenix.
3. Neville is not going to die, he’s finally coming into his own.
4. I think Ron is going to die.
5. Harry & Ginny in the epilogue are married and with Kids.
6. I think Minerva McGonagall is going to die as well.
7. I think the Weasley Twins are going to be instrumental in saving the day.

I’ll expand the above as we get closer to the date of release. I also predict that after Lizzie (starbuckx) and I are done reading the books, we may cry…but then we’ll share some wine and repeat those eight blissful hours we shared in bed at Carrie’s (irenefinlay) wedding, learning how to love again [/emo]