I’m prepared for another blizzard…I really need a blizzard icon…

I’m prepared for another blizzard, though hopefully by being prepared we won’t get slammed too hard:

Hookah & Related Supplies (What else are you gunna do?) (Check).
Matches & Gay Pride Zippo © Lighter with Fluid (Check).
Flashlight (Check).
1,000 Candle Search Light Charged and Ready (It lights up my entire living room, not used so much for it’s intended purpose) (Check).
Paramedic Kit (…not so much to help anyone else, I’m just really, really accident prone so it was cheaper to spend the cash on a full setup and never need the emergency room again than it was to constantly pay E.R. Co-Pays) (Check).
Condoms (Check).
Lube (Check).
Blankets (Check).
Jug of Water (Check).
Brita Filter For After Sink Water is Boiled (Check).
Coffee, Tea, Hot Coco Mix (Check).
Rice & Canned Food (Check).
Comfy Pajamas (Check).
Favorite Hoodie (Check and as a bonus, I just washed it…I live in my translator hoodie…so fuzzy…so warm…so like an oversized blanket you can wear…so funny to anyone who’s a linguist and actually gets why it’s entertaining that the text gets bigger and bigger and is only in English…).
Snowshoes & Poles (Check).
Dry Boots (Check).
Charged Cellphone (Check).
Mystery Novels (Check).
Arabic Worksheets & Phonetics Books (Check).
Charged iPod, Headphones (Check).

Looks like I’ve got everything I need to weather the storm incase it’s anything like October’s Thundersnow, though hopefully the weatherman will be wrong and we’ll have a week of 80 degree temperatures and maybe some light rain instead…please?

Okay, it’s almost time to take a nap…and when I wake up, it’ll be 90 degrees outside…yup, nice and warm…oh shit, I think I see penguins building an igloo…

Oh, if anyone wants to be creative and make me a blizzard icon or something of the sort, I’ll give you a cookie.