Marian, I need your address/leucothea262 Scott Paauw asks both of us a favor

Marian, or someone with Marian’s address please leave it here in the comments, I’ve screened the comments. I’ve found the BEST card to send to Twitchy for valentines day…it’s, truly amazing…a work of art even…it may send him into a twitch attack 😀 Oh, and I have a present for Marian.

leucothea262! I got the following from Scott, he wants you to write one too:
Hi Matt,

I’d appreciate it if you could help me with something. I have been nominated for an “Excellence in Teaching” award, given by the Graduate School for Graduate Teaching Assistants. I’m the only one nominated this year from the linguistics teachers (not including the language teachers), and just to be nominated is quite an honor for me. One of the components of the nomination is “testimonial” letters from students. I would appreciate it very much if you could write a testimonial letter for me about your experience in the 315 class (I need to get letters from all the classes I’ve taught, and 106 is (hopefully) covered. Plus, you really impressed me with your research and performance in 315, so it’s probably more representative). If you are willing to write such a letter, it should refer especially to three aspects of my teaching: 1) teaching competence, 2) mentorship (facilitating the intellectual growth of students and accessibility outside the classroom), and 3) academic standards and requirements (setting high standards and helping students achieve excellence). Any other information can be included as well.

Also, you said that Ann had gotten a lot out of the class as well. I don’t have her email address handy. Would you be willing to check with her and see if she would be willing to write a letter for me based on her experience in 315?

If you can write such a letter, it would need to be submitted to JP Koenig by Monday. I would really appreciate your support in this nomination.

Thanks for your help,

Holy Shit! I’m so excited for him, this is a really, really big deal. He’s one of the best teachers I’ve had (there’s even a face book fan club for him). Anne, please Let me know that a) you’ve read this and b) want to write a letter for him, and better yet if you do, can you email Scott?