Birthdays, Classes, A Post Card From Long Ago, Israel

HAPPY BIRTHDAY tartanboxers!!

Happy Birthday Anne!! (and congrats on the book as well!); I can’t express to you in words how lucky I count myself that I met you. My regards to Dom (who’s still my favorite dirty old man) and the Kids. Have a drink on me.


Classes are going well, serious study time is being put in this weekend, and Friday I’m sequestering myself so I can take more notes and do the homework that I’m getting Today.

In other news, I’m working on a paper that’s taking Eminem’s music, translating it from AAVE into SE and then proving why he’s actually pro-gay and a feminist…I have the data to prove it too, can’t wait…it should be a fun paper to write (and requires no fieldwork which means it’s a cheap paper to write)…I may get to write it for Wolfe Wölk’s Class (LIN493/595) which would mean that I could get credit for it, which would be cool too.

A Post Card From Long Ago

So when I cleaned out my Grandfather’s things from his apartment after he died a few years ago, I took with me his prayer books, one was issued by the military which he carried with him, apparently, after he went back to fight and earn his citizenship, it was published in 1908 and has the imprint of a now missing Chamsa (it was missing when I took it with me) on the cover. That has a special place on my desk and I turn to it from time to time. He also had a large collection of prayer books that were given out at events (before Bar and Bat-Mitvah’s were turned into shows, apparently these were given out as ‘favors’ so to speak) and today, while I was moving my books I found in one, a post card…

The Post Card has the name and address of a Rabbi in Tel Aviv mentioned in it, but the Hebrew is way too advanced for me (like, really really out of my league), so I need to hunt down one of the local Rabbi’s because if this is a part of my families past I want to know everything about it…and even if it’s some kind of “please donate here” form, how cool is it to find something like that!? I’ve stumbled upon a part of history. I’m incredibly excited, the post card, however, was not addressed to my grandfather, but rather had the name of a woman on it. I’ve never heard of her, but given how large my family was, that’s not surprising at all. The address was to Passaic, NJ (my family emigrated from Austria to Caracas, Venezuela – where many of them stayed and still are, the rest moved to Passaic and then to New York).

I’ll make some headway on it this weekend…I’m incredibly excited…I can’t imagine it not having some significance to him, or why would he have kept it so long? My grandma can’t read Hebrew, so I know it’s not hers.

Israel & Harry Potter

So excited. I book my tickets on the 16th! There is one slight change, and that is that I may end the trip slightly early so I can be at the final summit for the last installment of Harry Potter in Montreal, Quebec…so I’ll have to see the best way to book my trip…however, I think the easiest is:

Fly from Buffalo, New York to NYC, stay with my parents for a day or two, then Fly out of JFK on ELAL, land in Tel Aviv, adventure for a month and two or three weeks, then Fly out of Tel Aviv directly to Montreal?, then take the train from Montreal to NYC, so my parent’s can see that I’m alive and well in the flesh, then fly back to Buffalo.

We’ll see….

I CAN’T WAIT BOOK 7 IS COMING OUT! I also have to take pictures of my bag, I finally got around to sewing the Hogwarts patch on it, right above my vampire patch.

Shabbat Soon

Oh…itai please email me your address, I have a gift for you. Carrie (carrie01) I’m mailing out your flag soon, I know, I know…I’m horrible at using the postal system…I’m getting better though, really I am…I just have this bizarre aversion to going to post offices and I’m not sure why, because I love getting mail.

Peace all.