“I’m European, I’m used to combative academics!”

On my way into the department (I come in through the back entrance because of where the inter-campus shuttle lets off) I pass by the office of my afternoon Linguistic Anthropology professor daily. The course he teaches is listed for both graduate students as well as undergraduate students. The other day we were discussing a different professors research and it had mass generalizations and bigger holes in her arguments than the Titanic did after it made nice to the iceberg…this was something that everyone should have been chomping at the bit to say something about. However, most people were willing to let it slide and my eyes lit up like a lion when he sees a gazelle and my I licked my lips, pounced and went for the jugular. At the end of class, I was told by a peer that I might have been…slightly, what was the word she used…”combative.”

So as I passed by his office this morning I noticed that he was sitting in his desk chair with a look that says “I’m thinking, but really, I want to be interrupted so I can have an excuse to do something else” so I obliged, wanting to make sure that I didn’t overstep my bounds.

Me: I was told by a peer that I might have been slightly combative the other day, so I just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t attacking you, but the paper that was presented
Prof: I’m European, I’m used to combative academics! It’s wonderful.