Gay Dolphins…and a brief, brief update

Wow, busy busy busy, however, doing amazing (as is my apartment…it’s really come a long since I first moved in)…but this being a brief update (because I still need to shower and get into bed) I can promise you that the photo post I promised about eight hundred years ago is almost ready (I know…I know…I know…but it’s almost ready…don’t rush genius), classes are going swimmingly, I have a ton of studying to do this weekend…as well as a ton of flash carding, and I’ve been given the assignment by Prof. Roustum to order coffee at Starbucks in only Arabic Tomorrow Today and see if they understand me (it’s his belief, so he tells us, that since the phrase is similar in Farsi, someone behind the counter has to be able to understand me)…I think he really just likes social experiments; but it’s okay, because I like them too, so I’ll harass some barista at Starbucks tomorrow (this also gives me an excuse to go to his class slightly tardy).

This Just In: Dolphin’s Are Really Just Gay Sharks:

Vermont & L.I.

I really need to hear back from my Dad about whether or not he wants me to fly into Vermont on my four day weekend during presidents week, because they want me to come up to Moose Landing (our condo’s name) considering I haven’t been up there since we purchased it, but I need to know things like dates, logistics and whether or not I can bring snow shoes as carry on…I probably can’t bring the poles as carry…maybe I’ll check baggage. I also need to book my weekend trip home for February since I need the second shot of the vaccine regiment and I have to start the Hepatitis A regiment as well. It’s a good thing needles don’t bother me.

Speaking of needles, I want a new ear piercing, and a tattoo of a Schwa (geeks of the world, unite!).

…speaking of geekery

Speaking of Geekery

There is now an airport express in my apartment (it’s slightly larger than my power adapter, does wi-fi wonderfully, and it also has ports for a USB printer and for speakers so you can play your itunes to speakers, wirelessly, and it’s small enough to fit into your pants pocket or the pocket of a briefcase). I’m thinking YaoiNorth multimedia presentations here folks…how cool would that be.

It’s really quite remarkable given the size (the entire concept behind it actually is pretty cool, a wi-fi hub that you’re encouraged to bring with you)…and it’s really nice to free up my desk (and my floor) from a ton of cords that I kept tripping over every morning (and wasn’t technically allowed to have running across my floor as far as my lease agreement went…oops) so I’m glad that that’s cleared up and I’m fully in compliance. I also got a second power adapter so I can leave one in my briefcase, and one plugged into the wall and on my desk because that was just causing a lot of work and hassle having to go change terminators in the morning (for those of you not familiar with mac laptops, the power adapter has an end that comes off so you can either have a long cord plugged into the wall, or a short prong that folds up into the adapter and makes it travel size). The whole thing was just screwing me over in the mornings.

And now, it’s time for a shower and for bed…g’night!!