An Update as I Bogart Candie’s Desktop

So my Laptop will be back Wednesday, currently I’ve bogarted Candie’s (covarla) computer until she kicks me off, so I figured I’d do an update.

So, the past few days back have been wonderful; it’s been so good to see all of my friends (Alice, Jacqueline, Brigitte, The Syphrits, Teresa and everyone else I’ve gotten to hang out with these past few days) and just reconnect with everyone.

Today was spent hanging out with friends, catching up, and figuring out plans for the next couple of months. I managed to finish balancing the load on my X-Vest training vest so I now have the 84lb wonder loaded properly and I have to say, working out with it is fun, because after a two hour routine when you take it off, you just feel so much lighter, it’s very euphoric.

I emailed my broker and put in a sell order for $2,100.00; leaving 825.00 in the investment account. The tickets are $1,400.00 which leaves me with an extra $700.00 in my HSBC account (which will just sit there). So since Tomorrow is Sunday, and Monday is a Holiday the sell order will probably to go The Floor Wednesday, I’m assuming it won’t be in my account until at least three days after that, at which point I can book my tickets on El Al.

I’ve been using the Atlas that Alice (maleficentseyes) got me (I have no directional sense, I just have to walk something and remember the path and the landmarks to get anywhere) to plan my trip. There’s a lot of places I want to go, I want to spend at least three days at Yad Vashem, then one day after to just process the whole thing. I want to go to Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee because while they’re not important to my faith, they are important to a lot of my friends faith and I think it’d be worth it to see. I also really want to see the Salt Caves and Masada and spend a four or so days getting lost in Jerusalem. A few days to a week in Tel-Aviv (relaxing, partying, and checking out academic programs and getting contact information). I also want to go to Eilat for a bit and I want to go see where Shirah (stoicdaydreamer) is living now that she’s left UB and living in Israel, meet nir1) and of course say hi to Tova (who Shulamit will probably have spying on me, given that her biggest fear of me going to Tel Aviv is “He’ll see all of the hot men, have a wonderful time, be happy, and never come home again…this is awful” – God bless her).

This Coming Semester

There’s a lot that needs to be done, non-class wise; I need to not only create a resume but my CV as well, and while I have rough outlines of both I really need to edit them and update them; I’ve had a decent amount of teaching and ta-ing experience, but I need to quantify it and what I learned from it (‘managed class time well’, ‘learned how to not beat students’). I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to TA one last time in the Fall before I leave UB. I have to prepare what I’m going to talk about at YaoiNorth this summer as well and I really need to ‘professionalize’ my blog. I also have to meet with Dr. Jaeger so I can write the abstract for my paper and hopefully present it at Cornell later this year.

I have three exams that I need to sit for and a ton of paperwork that I need to put into better order, photocopy, and binderize so I have it right at hand (licenses, certifications, medical documents, vaccination sheets, etc.) and everything else that goes along with coming out of undergrad and entering the real world all while living out of a backpack. I’m also finishing up the recertification process for my CPhT and I’m half way through the CE hours that I need before March 31, 2008, however I’d really like to just bang out the rest so I don’t have to worry about it. I also have to finish registering for the bartender certification course…but it’ll all get done…because it hast to.

Course wise, I’m excited to start everything and get back into gear. I’m working towards getting all A’s this semester and I think it’s certainly feasible; I just have to stay on top of everything…and before I know it, grades will be in, I’ll be standing in front of 450 people in Toronto educating them on Gay Sex and then I’ll be on an Air Plane and landing in Tel Aviv.

Okay, time to vanish, I’ll be back when my laptop’s here, or when I’m on Campus Tuesday after all my classes.

Peace Homeslices.

– M