Spring Schedule 2007

This schedule seems to work best, placing Cardio early in the morning as well as Yoga right after it as a cool down/stretching period, and after the blood’s flowing, studying, followed by a wrap up prep-time to get materials prepared for the next day. I’ve allotted myself more time for commuting in the Afternoon because towards the end of the day busses run far less often (and are far more packed) than in the morning. It’s my goal this semester to always be at the campus no later than 11am and, of course, to stick with the health plan. I sort of want people to know that I can be relied on, to be on campus from 11am to 7pm (which is a standard eight hour day) and the benefit to a Cardio/Yoga routine is that if I want, for the cardio hour I can walk at a brisk pace around campus with someone if they need to talk with me, or if I have a paper coming up, I can read source documents while on a stationary bike, and I can always listen to audio drills of arabic while doing Yoga, so it allows for maximal flexibility in multi-tasking.

I refuse to do ‘work’ on Shabbat, that doesn’t mean that I won’t go out dancing, it just means that I take a break from my average duties during the week. This year Heather and I are making an effort to go do shabbat in a few different places since Hillel sort of just took a flying leap off the deep end into the abyss, leaving sanity, judaism and logic well behind.

Sunday’s Dance workout should be something special, it’s a weighted work out and is the lest holistic of the workout routines, as it’s where I’m coming up with my new drag routine.

I’ve printed out one of these for each week of class and I’m binding it together so I can keep track of how often I meet my goal. For those who think the schedule is ‘too insane’ If you look carefully, my day ends at 7:00pm so I’ve also alloted myself a ton of personal time to do really whatever it is that I want; and if one day I say “screw it, I’m having a movie marathon” as long as I do the morning work outs, and I’m caught up on my work, I may take that day and not study.

So, here’s to 2007!