So I Finally Figured Out What The Hebrew Graffiti Means

So it took me awhile but I was able to figure out what the Hebrew Graffiti Means (the writing on the wall, if you will). For those of you who don’t remember, I found some awesome Graffiti at the stop right after the Briarwood Station on the F line to Queens from The City; Steve (stevivor) was kind enough to take a photo for me, which I’ve now stolen from his site and added to my picture page to save him bandwidth (don’t sue me Steve =P):

The Graffiti

The above reads:


Now, after some internet research as to the meaning, I came across something that helped over at

(Baruch Hashem)
+ Translation: Blessed be G-d (occasionally) (B’Ezras/Ezer Hashem)
+ Translation: With G-d’s help (i.e. at top of papers, sometimes with an ayin following the beis)