I Just Got Out of the E.R…and my arm’s in a splint…

I was driving to drop off some more holiday cards to the post office (nir1, your card is going to be late, so is yours starbuckx and maleficentseyes you and your mom will have to wait for presents…I know you understand lol), coming off of country drive, about to make a left turn onto Manetto Hill Road in Nassau County, I had the right of way, and was beginning to make a left, when a car decided to gun the red light, out of no where, and slammed full force into the drivers side door of the car I was driving (my Mom’s Acura MDx), deploying my airbag (I do recall screaming “Oh Shit! ” as this was occurring because…what else does one do other than brace for impact)…as soon as I realized what happened (everything happens so fast) I smelled gas and said “fuck whatever’s in the car,” unbuckled, jumped out the passenger door (my adrenaline was pumping and I was like “this shit better not explode”) and then went to the other car…where the other driver (who was younger than I am) immediately admitted fault. Fortunately, the person next to him was an EMT from Jericho…as was another person near by who was an EMT from the Plainview division and they called the police as well as the fire department to deal with the gas and chemical issues as both cars were leaking, while I called my Dad and he and Sam (my 16 year old younger brother) came (Sam so he could take digital pictures for the insurance company and dad so he could deal with the other kids dad who I had him call so they could handle insurance and I could just…stand around).

When the officer got there the other Kid admitted fault instantly, said he tried gunning the light, and this being Plainview, which has a certain small city charm to it despite the population (we’re a close knit Jewish-Italian community), my younger brothers boss (who owns the bagel store near by) was driving home, saw me and then saw dad and said “Is this accident you!?” and when he realized I had been hit, also pulled over and this started the initial town gathering and in about .002 seconds, the entire town knew (he also drove Sam home which was good because my mother was just ready to kill the other driver for what could have happened let alone for injuring me and her car, and Sam was like “this is Matt…he’s alive…this is the car…the car, not so much…”

Two EMS workers (now that the ambulance came) and my Dad said I should get my wrist looked at so I was brought by ambulance to the E.R.; where they took X-Rays, told me that my wrist was burned by the airbag and that they thought it looked like it’s been fractured; but that I had to go to an orthopedist to be sure – and they gave me a tetnus shot (which I was making an appointment to get with my doctor when I got home so that was convenient since I can now cross that off my to-do list), treated the burn, put my arm in a custom fiberglass splint (which they form to your arm) and wrapped it in a couple of ace bandages.

So, now I’m home, about to take Vicodin, watch Southpark and pack to fly on vacation tomorrow because NOTHING is going to stop me from getting on that airplane and heading to North Carolina.

every day’s and adventure.

Peace all 🙂 I’ll keep you updated as I’m updated.