Whirlwind Trip to NYC/LI

As if the last week of classes at UB with finals looming next Monday (11th) and Wednesday (13th) weren’t enough, I have to go down to Nassau County to respond to a Summons because apparently, despite moving my residency to Erie County on not only my license and my voter registration (as Erie county is where I now reside before I move to Tel Aviv) Nassau didn’t update their paperwork and I’ve failed to appear for Jury Duty Summons in Nassau County (despite the fact that they’re not really able to summon me for jury duty in the first place, since I reside in Erie).

The only way I can describe this is if I were governor of New York and decided to start passing laws for Kentucky…it’s an issue of jurisdiction. However, not wanting to be in contempt of court, I now need to appear (so the summons says) in person, before a judge…so since I only have once class today, I’m taking the hit in that, and flying down to deal with this.

At least I’ll have ample time on the plane to go over the data I collected during my fieldwork practical and start analyzing it for the final report…and then there’s always Mom’s cooking and of course, Long Island Bagels (so the trip won’t be that bad, it will, most certainly, be frustrating).

So, if any of you are on the Island and free tonight, call my cell phone (347) 706-0009 and maybe we can do coffee or tea…though I’d really love to have dinner with my family, given how infrequently I get to see them.

I’m now all packed for the 5:50am flight from Buffalo to JFK (I’m just bringing carry on) which means I need to get my files and my briefcase set to go…

Stress? What stress? At least I’ll have a few hours to write this paper…it’ll all get done…just one thing, at a time…slowly.

And he’s off!!

– M