Answered the Subpoena!

So I arrived into JFK International Airport at around 7am. I made my way through early morning mass transit taking the AirTran to the LIRR, the LIRR to Hicksville Station and managed to get a grab a cab in Hicksville to Plainview (not an easy feat at that hour of the morning) and get to my parents house by 9am. Went to the Court House in Mineola, where the Cop at the door let me go through the metal detector without even having to empty my pockets as it beeped and made metal detector type noises, he asks me “you don’t have anything on you that you’re not supposed to, do you?” I respond “no sir” he says “go on through then.”

I present the two letters, my Selective Services Card (for those of you not familiar, every male over the age of 18 in the United States must register with the Selective Services incase there’s a draft), my Erie County Board of Elections Voter Registration Card and my License: all of which have me living in Erie County, at my Apartment, outside of the Jurisdiction of Nassau County.

I walked away with a letter certifying that I appeared, in person, to address the subpoena, and me and the legal system are now chill with each other once again. Of course, my father keeps asking why I didn’t just call and tell them that I’d do it when I was down later in December at my leisure and my response was “Well…when one receives a letter that threatens contempt of court and/or a bench warrant…one should normally just show up in person like they’re asked to.” His response was, that when he was my age, he had a stack of bench warrants out for his arrest…to which my Mother and I replied, in synch, “THAT’S NOT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF.”

Some parents want their children to be lawyers, others want their children to be doctors, my Father, he wants me to be a defendant.

And now, time to take a quick nap with my puppy (I’ve been going since yesterday, and this 5:50am flight just took a lot out of me) and then to keep on track with my finals week schedule as much as possible by crunching numbers and doing data analysis…and of course, picking up bagels and some deli sandwiches while I’m down here…because bagels don’t exist in Buffalo…real ones, anyway.