“Give me Fat Girls, Give me Rough Boys, Give me what I need” – Taboo

Upon finding out that the tapes of parox and I caused a bit of a stir (not to mention lunardragoon and his little make out sessions) up at Anime North/Yaoi North

Me: So I guess I should apologize for being a whore on tape…
Candie (covarla): You must practice restraint
Chris (gryvon): You can practice with restraints all you want…

I love my work.

Now, by ways of + and –

– Syntax (no love, no love at all)
+ Discovering something new and groundbreaking
+ Above, with sexy formatting
– Downstairs neighbors either a) having rougher than normal sex or building
– poast it flgs
++ major love for the desert the Syprhit Sisters brought over to dinner the other day
– No love for any weight gained…no love at all…stupid calories

What I don’t love at the moment, however, is Syntax.

“No one owes you, no one’s to blame, except for bad genes or DNA…What’s up, sweetcakes,..Whatcha wanna do little buckaroo…’cause girls, girls…are easy…so watcha gunna do, little buckaroo…”
– Ask DNA – The Seatbelts – Cowboy Bebop