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Research is going amazing. What’s often the most important part of any crime scene is what isn’t there; look for the what’s absent from the space instead of what’s there and you’re bound to find what it is that you didn’t even know you were looking for…and when you find it, you’ll proclaim “there you are!”

Right now I have ten pages of what I know I have that’s solid and then there’s about five pages dedicated to what I’m thinking and around another twenty pages are working their way through my mind and being written in my head as I walk around with a cup of coffee in my hand, gesticulating with the other, talking to myself and drawing stares from strangers who hold their children close, saying to them “you’re never going away to university, or else you’ll turn out like him.”

Deadline is the 30th. No problem.

We’ll meet it with style, taste and class. If there’s no other option than to succeed, better to succeed with grace and tact instead of panic and fear.

Composure and poise man, composure and poise.


Since we were finished up in Toronto (research-wise/for the time being) and still had some time to kill, we sat down at the club getting ready to watch a burlesque show and this hot guy walks in, totally muscle bound, a dark, chiseled gorgeous stubbled face, with pecks and a six pack to match his patently good looks, and I hear this equally wonderful and fabulous human being at the door ask him “So do you go to services?” and I get whiplash as I spin my head and I’m going to myself “no it can’t be” so I ask “?את משפחה” and I hold my breathe, waiting for disappointment once again, surely I’m mistaken…instead I hear a “Yes!”

Apparently there’s a Queer Jewish community in Toronto that I didn’t know existed, but I can’t tell you how glad I am to have stumbled upon them. Though I don’t know if stumbled is the right word for it. Sometimes things are, well…they happen for a reason. Divine Intervention, Fate, Chance, Luck, whatever you want to call it all I know is that I can’t wait to go back.

I have a lot of friends (who I love dearly), but there’s a certain void of being 10% of 1/2 of 1% of the world’s population that not a lot of people can understand…it isn’t dark, morbid, or emo…it just is.


We had a huge Thanksgiving this year. Margie and her Parents (her father a Former Marine who saw wars from before I was born) came up from North Carolina, Mark and Melissa and Mark’s Parents, Uncle Ray, Aunt Teri, Cousins Rachel, Michael and Danny (and his girlfriend), Alex (who we consider an extra brother), Grandma Freda, Grandma Fran & Grandpa Murray and their good friend Carol, my Twin Brother Dave and my younger Brother Sam and my Mom and Dad and the Dog (raider) it was just wonderful.

My family remains, largely clueless and slash or skeptical of what I’m studying and doing with my life…which in all reality, is fine with me. I’d rather not reveal the work in progress, but at the end just have a grand unveiling of the masterpiece: the degrees, the jobs, the perfect body with the perfect husband and perfect places of abode…on a few perfect continents.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was “If you want it. Get it.”

And I know I will. I have complete faith in myself (I haven’t let myself down yet).

I have “Become a Pop Icon” on my Life’s To-Do List and I plan on achieving that one by the time I’m in my mid-thirties…can’t hurt to try =)

Happy Birthday fyresygn!!!

Happy Birthday fyresygn! When you come to New York, the first round of drinks are on me =)

Act Up, Fight Back!

Realizing that my dry spell (this is what happens when you live in a library kids) now approached six months three weeks and two days time (I keep a fairly accurate datebook) I went the other day with my friend to Planned Parenthood and had an HIV test (since an accurate test should be done after the six month incubation period anyway).

I’m HIV-

If you haven’t gotten HIV tested, I encourage you to do so (and if you’re sexually active, I encourage you to get tested regularly). Knowledge is power, and if you do have HIV once you know about it, you can take steps towards dealing with it. I don’t care if you’re doing oral, anal, vaginal or if you’re using a cock or your mouth: if you’re having sex (and remember those words before sex are just describing what kind of sex it is, it’s still sex) you should be using a condom or a dental dam. Period…I don’t care how much he or she says she loves you or how clean they claim to be.

Sex may be a great experience (or it might be bland and boring, let’s be real with ourselves and each other) and sure it can last from anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour but HIV (and some other STDs) can and will last you a lifetime. You only get one body: respect your body and yourself as the awesome gift you are: worship yourself, love yourself – wear a condom.

I got to speak to steviemagazine today!

It’s always a treat to get to speak to steviemagazine; he’s working on some really neat projects, and I have to say, it’s neat to watch them progress from his concept on the path to completion.

Holidays in North Carolina

I was extended the offer to go to Margie’s for Christmas (and see her brother and his husband, her daughter Mary who I haven’t seen in ages and her son Stephen whom I’ve never met as well as her extended family) and I’ve accepted. Otherwise, I’d just be attending National Jews Eat Chinese Food and Go To The Movies Day on December 25th, and this sound a lot more fun.

Shuffling off to Buffalo

I’m Shuffling off to Buffalo Late Saturday night; Cheryl do you want to Grab coffee sometime today (Friday?) – let me know.

I have more to write about, but right now…I need to write and then go to sleep.

Peace all.