I’m Back on The Island

I’m on The Island for Thanksgiving, if you left me a cell phone message and I didn’t answer it was because I was driving the Upstate Crew down to The Island and just didn’t hear it ring.

We listened to the rent sound track, I might, possibly, maybe, think about starting to consider seeing the show (getting me to go to the Movies or a Broadway Show is like pulling teeth…actually, pulling teeth is considerably easier…the whole sitting still thing just doesn’t jive with me).

Driving across the Throgs Neck is a fun time, I really love that bridge…it’s a shame a certain troll lives under it.

I have my ENT Appointment at 10am so I’ll head there and then stop in the Rx to say hi, and then Alumni Day at the High School at 1:30pm-ish.

I have lots to talk about, at the moment however, we can talk about slow speed fetch.

I have a standard poodle (minus the dorky haircut). His name is Raider, he’s adorable, possibly too smart for his own good (actually, he is too smart for his own good), and I like him more than I like most of my extended family.

I have a Grandma Freda, she uses a walker. On her walker’s legs, are two tennis balls, so the walker slides easier. Raider sees the tennis balls, moving at a very, very, very….very, slow rate and thinks “ohhh boy!! ohhh boy!!! Grandma’s Playing Fetch With Me!!! Ohhh Boy!!!” and attempts to play fetch with Grandma, and her Walker.

A good time is had by both the dog and myself.

Funny thing though, Grandma doesn’t really have a sense of humor about it…I can’t figure out why.

Ahh, it’s good to be home.

Okay, a couple of hours of sleep, then ENT, then Pharmacy, then possibly MORE sleep followed by Alumni Day and then the arrival of the first wave of house guests.