Back from Toronto!

Okay all, we’re back from Toronto, we finished what we needed from this trip (academically), socially however, we’d all like to go back! I really have to say, I love Toronto.

I have a ton to write about (which will come after the unpacking, and laundry, and well…all the stuff that comes after a few days traveling) so you can expect an update later on tonight. However, I have to say, finding Goodhandy’s a couple of weeks ago was awesome – I had more fun there, with down to earth people, than I did at Woody’s or any other club I’ve been too, and I know Brigitte and I can’t wait to go back.

Paper writing will commence tomorrow evening; which is wonderful and Tuesday I head to Long Island for thanksgiving (I get to see my Twin Brother who I haven’t seen in months!) as well as the rest of my family which will be great.

Anyways, time to do that responsible adult thing and unpack, do laundry, and what not and then a full update of spiffy-ness =)