UB provides students with Business Cards through a store on campus called Great Lakes Graphics and Printing for a nominal fee of 25.00. They come in handy when you have to go “no, really, I’m a student at UB…no, I swear…wait, here, here’s my card…” you get a choice of six different student designs, and their graphic designer is more than happy to move things around so it looks snazzy (they do a nice job for any type of custom printing actually, they’re the ones I get my personalized 3×5 index cards from if anyone in the area is looking for a decently priced print shop).

Anyways, I received the proof today. The only thing I had to have them change was the zip code from 14261 to 14260 (my fault, in a twist of irony, my handwriting in Arabic is neater than my handwriting in Hebrew which is far neater than my handwriting in English, which is, for the most part, totally illegible) but otherwise they did a nice job of it (look scarletquill, more proof that I’m a real live New Yorker =P). They required an address so I gave the Linguistics Student Lounge, given that there’s a mailbox in there for me, that I occasionally glance at while…lounging. We should decorate it for the holidays, that could be fun. I don’t even know why I’m on such a “let’s decorate for the holidays kick” other than the fact that I really just want to sit around and cut out snowflakes.

Anyways, here’s what it looks like:

Friday’s game plan is pretty simple:

Class from 11 to Noon; then at around 3:30 it’s the UBULS meeting, then at around 6:00PM Brigitte and I are heading back to Toronto, checking into the Hostel on Church Street, changing, getting some dinner, and collecting more data. Saturday we’re sleeping in at the hostel, then research at a different venue on Saturday Night, then Sunday is Formal Interviews and research at the Control Venue and then home…though I have to see if I can make the AN meeting as well…then Monday and Tuesday are Class, Tuesday night I drive home with lilali to Long Island; Wednesday is spent doing work and finishing required charts, Thursday is spent getting intimate with a Turkey, Friday is spent working off the intimacy, Saturday I’m having lunch with some friends, and somewhere in there I’m told that we’re going to see Hairspray (which i’ve wanted to see for awhile) so I have no idea when that is.

Okay, back to sleep, I need to get up at 9a so I can finish vacuuming and doing laundry and all that jazz before it’s time to go home for Thanksgiving. I have some actual important stuff to write about, but that can come later.

Peace all.

– M