In Vino Veritas

So, a little background, I’ve had a crush on Kurtis for a good few months now, since we first met, he’s tall, attractive, very close to a six pack, and…I’ve seen him adjust himself more than once…the physical is very, very nice, however, it pales compared to his amazing personality, heart, and I can wax eloquent about him (so I’ll spare you)…he’s just a great guy.

So Kurtis IMed me tonight:

AIM IM with Kurtis
2:36 AM
Kurtis: my firend
Kurtis: how are you
Kurtis: oh i wish we were together
Matthew L Schwartz: lol
Kurtis: to smoke the ohookah
Kurtis: yorue a cool guy
Matthew L Schwartz: you can get together to smoke the hookah with me, anytime you want
Kurtis: i would LOOOOVE talking to you right now
Matthew L Schwartz: lol I’m here Kurtis
Kurtis: im mad drunk and dont have a cra
Kurtis: car*
Kurtis: but some day my friend
Matthew L Schwartz: awe, I hear that
Matthew L Schwartz: totally
Kurtis: good
Kurtis: stop by anytime
Kurtis: just to chill
Kurtis: he puts his address here
Matthew L Schwartz: you got it
Kurtis: and here
Matthew L Schwartz: cool, we
Kurtis: apartment O
Matthew L Schwartz: can chill this week
Kurtis: u can??
Kurtis: good!
Matthew L Schwartz: =) 
Kurtis: good good
Kurtis: call me anyrimtw
Kurtis: my # is in my proif
Matthew L Schwartz: sweet deal, you got it 
Kurtis: niiiiiiiiiice
Kurtis: sounds good my friend
Matthew L Schwartz: Now, go to bed hottie 
Matthew L Schwartz: we’ll hang this week 
2:40 AM
Kurtis: i hope so
Kurtis: youre my favorite gay jewish firend
Kurtis: l=lol
Kurtis: j/k
Kurtis: but seriously
Kurtis: you are
Kurtis: we should chill
Matthew L Schwartz: thanks  I like you a lot (as a friend) we’ll definitely hang out this week
Kurtis: good good lol
Matthew L Schwartz: I’ll call you Monday when I get out of class
Kurtis: when will that be?
Kurtis: yo ubetyter
Kurtis: better*
Matthew L Schwartz: I get out at noon
Kurtis: you better*
Kurtis: k
Kurtis: im free
Matthew L Schwartz: sweet
Kurtis: good
Kurtis: at the very least we’ll meet for lunch
Matthew L Schwartz: definitely.
Kurtis: agreed ?
Kurtis: good
Matthew L Schwartz: yup 
Kurtis: good good
Kurtis: im not gay schwartz
Kurtis: but i do liie kyou
Kurtis: like yoU*(
Matthew L Schwartz: =) 
Kurtis: lol
Kurtis: you know whgat i mean
Matthew L Schwartz: I like you too Kurtis, yes, I know what you mean
Kurtis: lol
Kurtis: good
Matthew L Schwartz: I have to head to bed, so I can get up tomorrow morning
Matthew L Schwartz: but I’ll call you monday hottie 
Kurtis: hgave a good evening my firend
Kurtis: good
Kurtis: lol
Matthew L Schwartz: you too, g’night 
Kurtis: n giht bro

I don’t believe anyone can change their sexuality, I don”t think anyone can convert anyone to their sexuality…I just have to say that I’m totally cool with him dating all the women in the world (so long as they love him back and treat him with the respect he deserves)…but if it ever turns out that he is Gay, I totally shot dibs at dating him first.

I have a lot more to write about, but that will come later.