Holy Shit!

Okay (this is scatter brained, I just got back into the Hostel – which, by the way, fucking rocks.

1. We meet Dr. Smyth, while an odd duck and bizzarely defensive, he did assist us in both conscious and uncocious ways (1. he proved my hypothesis unwittingly – something I’ll discuss tomorrow, after hours and hours of sleep, 2. he helped flesh out his current work which does not run into what I’m researching, details, and was however excited that I was the only one currently studying lexicon in this sub-field, at the moment)

2. We now have: methodology, hypothesis, references, and the scientific process by which we will accurately get the information we seek all lined up.

3. I now have the cell phone numbers, emails and messenger addresses for five 5 gay porn stars (the French Canadian, is by far my favorite; he was adorable) and we made friends with one Gay for Pay porn star, because he was like a puppy…he ended up sitting at our table the rest of the night, giving me a spanking, and in general, being adorable.

I made friends with one M.C. and one club manager, and about 30 club goers who are very, very cool…this club was one block away from the hostel (which is better than most hotels I’ve stayed at) and right next to the gorgeous (yet affordable) Thai Restraunt.

So, totally successful…we made contacts, we made academic progress, we made friends, we made connections…and I got my research assistant, Brigitte, laid by the straight porn star (no, we didn’t pay him…you only have to pay him to be in gay porn).

So much to talk about, we literally have all of the next 5 weeks planned out, we know what we’re doing, we have tons of people to work with in various areas of Toronto, Canada, Buffalo and New York…and we’ve narrowed what we’re starting with like a motherfucker.

Okay, bed, and sleep, I’m so tired.

G’night all; and I’ll respond to comments in my previous entry shortly…thank you to all who are willing to help out.