“You’re about as assertive as a manatee on codeine!” – Me

“You’re about as assertive as a manatee on codeine!” – Me

Okay, I have studied for Arabic (no where near as much as I wanted to, but I’m feeling confident, if not totally insecure…which may or may not be a good thing…) and will study more today, but I’ll be doing myself a disservice if I don’t get at least eight hours flat on my back.

At around 11-1115am Jacqueline (hollow_voice) is taking us to go Vote (which, every U.S. Citizen who is able to do so, should do so. I don’t care if you think voting is a farce and that you’re vote doesn’t count, get out there and make your voice heard for whoever you believe will best represent your interests as a constituent).

Then whenever I’m done with that until 330pm when I have Pauuw’s class, I’ll continue studying Arabic. After Pauuw’s class I will be allowed a quarter of an hour (fifteen minutes) to freak out at which point I will sit for this exam, say a few prayers (amazing how we all get much more religious before we take an exam, before we take off, and before we land) and then tackle this sucker head on.

Then home to pack and prepare for Toronto where I’ll be from Wednesday through Thursday with my lovely research assistant, Brigitte. We leave on Wednesday, right after class (and I need to call Dr. Smyth, get a hold of him on the phone, and solidify plans).

So, right now, going to go do that thing that guys do, and then sleep.