Wow, long day…

Been a long, sleepy, allergy-esque day…but I voted! (I’m a little sad they didn’t have stickers…I would have added it to the scrap book collection that my date book seems to have become).

The little old lady and the little old man were so cute this morning at the voting place. One guy wanted to know if I knew this other Schwartz, and then when I went into the booth started talking to my friend about all the people he knew who’s name was Schwartz. The little old lady told me I looked too young to be voting (I’m 22) I thanked her kindly and I’ll just tuck that behind my ear in case, in 40 or so years, I feel old.

And now I’m going to get into Pajamas, and make some green tea, and get ready to get passed out…been having some really good dreams recently, and also have a bunch of stuff to update on =)

Okay, peace all.