Ball Busting, Just Another Service We Offer

So I’m getting prepared for my annual certification exam. I try to get at least one new certification, certificate, or license each year and the verdicts for 2007 are in:

The P.I. Licensing Exam is $15.00 to sit for (I can so afford that); the results are good for two years to apply for your 550.00 (last I checked) License (it’s nice that the initial investment is only $15.00 so if you screw up, that’s like…next to nothing). Basically if you pass the exam, you then just pay the $550.00 licensing fee and you can setup shop. This means I’ll be sitting for the exam in February, which will give me December and January to study up for the exam.

Which theoretically means, that by the time I graduate, I’ll have a B.A., P.I., CIPP, CPhT after my name (mnmmalphabetsoup) and then I can jet over to London and take the IPA Transcription exam at some point (two years from now? I won’t go until I know that I can achieve the highest possible level…actually, Candie should take this exam with me…it’s only like 35 Pounds to sit for and then we could romp around London together).

I really want to take the CIPP exam too, and I know that if I study through December and January, and February I’ll be able to pass it with flying colors, that exam however, is way more expensive than the $15.00 to NYS (I think, last time I checked, it was $250.00). However, I’ll look over the study material one more time and if it’s reasonable, I’ll figure out how to come up with the cash.

I just have a thing for sitting for exams…I don’t know, some people go cliff jumping, others race cars…I get my adrenaline rush in entirely different and dorky ways. Part of me is just tempted to take the exam downtown Buffalo next time it’s offered at the state building (you can sit for it multiple times), without studying, just to see if Law & Order, Nero Wolfe & Sherlock Holmes was enough to pass. I may do that depending on the exam schedule…for $15.00 I’d risk it to see, the CIPP one is way to expensive to leave to chance.

In other news, I came up (in my dream last night) with the methodology I’m using for the part of the research I’m doing…it makes me so excited…I wish I could say I thought of it…I mean, I did think of it, just not so much me as my brain during sleep.

Speaking of dreams, there’s an ad campaign that I really enjoy with a woodchuck and Abraham Lincoln for sleep medication – as one who has incredibly bizarre dreams, I just find it entertaining.

What else is going on…there’s the whole thing with Hillel but that doesn’t really belong out in the open; I’m studying for my Arabic Exam on Tuesday, and getting ready for Thanksgiving. I have some diet & exercise stuff I’ve been meaning to discuss, but that too will have to wait.

Okay…time for bed.

Peace all.

– M