My Dad & I

So my Dad called me today, just to talk which was nice (he’s in Virginia at the moment on his way to doing a Civil War Re-Enactment). Ever since I brought him to synagogue on the High Holy days and did some construction work with him, he’s been happier…and he’s talking about returning to the synagogue which really just makes me so happy…Baruch Hashem, it’s about time.

So we spoke for an hour, part of the reason he called though was because (he owns his own business on Long Island) and he’s arranged for the guy who owns the company that investigates his employees for him (the guy who he hires, owns this investigative firm which also does bodyguard and security detail for celebrities in NYC, among other things) to train me in security over December break before I move to Tel Aviv in 13 months which was very generous of him and an offer I took him up on. I also haven’t used a hand gun or rifle since I was sixteen so I’m going to go down to Pennsylvania next time Chris (gryvon) and Candie (covarla) go down to their parents and do some target practice (no, I will NOT go snipe hunting…I know what snipe hunting is…not cool…not cool at all =P though I’ll be more than happy to play with your puppies…oh, I should bring my camera too…).

One of the designers who he works with is from Egypt and flies back and forth, and he’s talking to him as well on my behalf, it’d be cool if I can get to know him, if nothing else to practice Arabic with while I’m on break from school…I can practice my Hebrew with Rabbi Harvey.

Dad doesn’t really understand what I study yet, so I really need to finish typing out the five page “So what is Linguistics, Phonetics and Applied Sociolinguistics anyway?”

Ron Smyth (the researcher and professor in Toronto) wrote back to me…I’m so excited. I’m driving up with my research assistant (yes, I’ve already formed my base team) on Wednesday and I’ll be staying over night at a hostel in Toronto, (or…perhaps in the car…depending on just how poor we are) and we’ll be driving back on Thursday. Paauw gave me permission to miss his class…ohh…maybe I’ll find George and convince him to marry me on the way (for those of you who don’t recall, George is the hot guy from Carrie’s (irenefinlay) wedding…I firmly believe, based on his dress, beer choice, and manner of drinking that he’s a kinky bastard in bed and would love the chance to prove my hypothesis true).

This is the shit dreams are made of man, a little bit of craziness, two academics (me and Brigitte) and a whole lot of faith.

I rock a lawsuit when I’m going to court, a white suit when I’m getting divorced, a black suit at the funeral home and my birthday suit when I’m home alone – Good Charlotte

I have my Arabic Mid-Term this Tuesday. This weekend will be spent studying. As I thought, the general exam outline is vocabulary, sentences, and bi-directional translation. I spoke to Prof. Roustum about missing his class on Thursday and he said “Matthew, no problem! We’ll help you get there!” – he’s awesome…just truly, truly awesome. He also said he’d teach us the bad words after we graduate. I’m taking him up on that.

I have so much reading to do over Thanksgiving (three text books need to be post-it flagged, formulas written down, binders organized). Five weeks of instruction left kiddies! it really isn’t funny but it’s gunna happen.

I also have 20 CE’s that I need to do so I can re-certify in a year (I just want them out of the way) and I have to start studying for the CIPP exam.

Five weeks more of instruction…then Finals.

This December I won’t be in the Middle East (that’s for a friended post later today, when I have the time and energy to do one) however I will be meeting with Nefesh B’Nefesh, then getting security training on Long Island (apparently), then Vermont to say hello to Cows, and then me and the Kaymar Crew will be in Salem, Mass. where I get to be Candie’s (covarla) research assistant…she got her grant…so now we have money to stay a hotel! Other benefits than the fact that I really just enjoy research as well as watching Candie work, is the Irish Pub, Mexican Restaurant, awesome little shops and boats.

Oh, and I just want to put this out there:

You can lead a horse to water and make him drink, all you need is a hose and some duct tape. Persistence people, it pays off.