I’m Friends With an Academic Building

Subject: I’m Friends With an Academic Building

Date: Wednesday 11/1/06 3:23:00 AM

I’m friends with an Academic Building on facebook…beat that:

Baldy Hall

In other news, I have another post in the works, but I’m too tired to post it, and anyway I have to pack my laptop up and put it in my bag for tomorrow so I can finish a homework assignment before 7pm…procrastinate what!? It’s okay, I know exactly what I want to say for the homework and just have to sit down with an I.V. of Caffeine (PRN) and just type it all out…but if I don’t sleep I won’t be sentient for my morning (11am) class. I can’t wait for next semester, four day weekends every week…oh it’s going to be so nice…and I can complete my C.E. requirements for certification renewal on my off days.

In other news, I need to update my own facebook profile, as well as my myspace and livejournal profiles to accurately reflect what I’ll be doing in the next few months and after college (which I’ll also be talking about in my next post – no my plans haven’t changed, I just want to talk about them more and flesh out some ideas – as well as things like time management…oh we’ll be talking a whole lot about time management).

In other news, I’m in the process of planning a rocking black and grey quilted liner for my timbuk2 bag (which I had customized by timbuk2 way back junior year of high school, so…like, seven years ago)…I’m just feeling creative and think the liner would be a neat idea…I’ve hacked the bag a lot since I got it on the outside, now I’m just fooling around on the inside.

Arabic III Mid Term exam in six days (on the 7th)…I think I’m pretty ready for it, I really just need to take this week and this weekend and study…and I’ll do just fine. This Thursday we find out what’s on the exam. I can, however, tell you that the exam will be translating sentences into arabic and english, translating from arabic into english, and translating from english into arabic. So for the first you have to come up with an idea, write it in Arabic, and then in English using a word that’s given to you in Arabic (this proves that you know what you were writing because you’re writing it in Arabic, and then translating what you wrote into English). Then the Arabic to English/English to Arabic is just a translation excersize.

Nadia and I are going for A’s.

Okay! Packing up the laptop, charger and all…then going to bed.

Oh, goodall I meant to comment on your entry the other day…I’ll do that later…I felt so bad for your students!

Okay…bed…g’night all…oh and Happy Samhain/Halloween…Happy New Year to all my Pagans…nothing but good health.