Halloween Weekend 2006 Wrap Up Post

Subject: Halloween Weekend 2006 Wrap Up Post

Date: Monday 10/30/06 1:40:00 AM

Music: Real Good Man-Tim McGraw-Tim McGraw and The Dancehall Doctors

Buffalo Chips

The night started off at the Buffalo Chips’ (UB’s all male vocal group) House. When we got there we were some of the first there (they had their dauschand in a hot dog costume…it was possibly one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen) and so we’re walking around, having some beer when all of a sudden it’s like the entire Gay Contingent and their Fag Hag Supporters from the Linguistics Department show up which was really kind of funny because the party just got…well, Gay. We outnumbered folks there 2:1 for a while. My department’s Gay…very, very Gay…actually, our colors should probably just be rainbow…I’m pretty sure that we have the theatre, musical theatre and dance departments beat, hands down (and not that I’m biased or anything, but I’m pretty sure that we’re hotter too…just saying…).

Even when talking to Paauw this past week about the research I’ll be doing in Buffalo on Queer Speak he was telling me about the leading researcher in Toronto and seemed sort of bewildered given how many Gay Men are in Linguistics that this hasn’t been something of major study sooner (it’s only been studied recently within and over the past five years).

So me, Dana and Cat (who I went partying with) challenged them to a game of Flip Cup where I was the D.D. (Designated Drunk) for our D.D. (Designated Driver) during Flip Cup so Cat played and I drank for her (a fair arrangement if I do say so myself)…and it all worked out great. Cat is the reason why I had a costume, she managed to make greek letters out of duct tape (yes, I went as a straight Frat Brother from Kappa Omega Kappa…I failed at the straight part though, so then I was just a KOK Brother).

See…University teaches you important skills…like how to be creative with duct tape.

Anyways, we then ran into Scott, a muscular (holy christ, his back was cut…I mean he had abs…but his back was solid) straight friend of Cats…we dragged him into the car with Dana, Cat and myself and headed down to club Diablo expecting to encounter a rocking party…right, I mean, it’s a club…named Diablo…who’s theme and logos are all based on Demons…there’s skulls hanging from the ceiling, red parlor chairs, a masochists paradise…

Club Diablo

Get to club Diablo and we couldn’t have been more disappointed, no DJ, barely any music playing…barely anyone drinking (not that you have to drink to have a good time, but with no music, no dancing, no booze, no talking…it’s just people standing around doing nothing in a room).

We were like screw this, if we’re paying cover we’re going to a real dance club…so we went up to the bouncer, had him give us our cash back since he’s friends with Dana it wasn’t too much trouble (the only reason we went there in the first place was because we figured since he and Dana were friends we could get in without cover charge…we were wrong) so we made our way through Downtown Buffalo to Club Marcella

Club Marcella

The place was packed and kicking.

We made our way to the dance floor and just did our thing when this kid (I think his name is Nate…he’s a gogo dancer on the pole at the front bar every two or so weeks) who I knew from at least a year ago when he was dating his last boyfriend came up to me on his break and started dancing with me and I was like “hey, I haven’t seen you since pride” and he’s like “yeah I broke up with my boyfriend” and I was like “that’s too bad” so we’re dancing and he spins around and I notice that “Top” is tattooed on his back in this vampire-goth-techno-esque font, and I give him this look and go “Since when” and he’s like “since always” so I told him “show me what you got” at which point I was shoved up against one of the mirror pillars, and we made out while I felt up has abs as his knee found it’s way to my…well you get the point…he was also just tall enough, to be taller than me, but not too tall that I couldn’t put my chin on his shoulder when we were grinding.

We made out on and off all night, and I made out with a few other people when I wasn’t making out with him, it was fun…and surprisingly drama free. Sort of a “we’re just making out, feel free to go make out with someone else when you get bored, there’ll be another guy in about two seconds” kind of deal. None of the “ZOMG! he kissed someone else, cheater!zomg!11!OneIjustmetyouandthoughtwedbetogetherforever” bullshit.

LoN (my friend who does the lightning/assistant dj-ing, what have you) got them to play Love Dominates by Dynamix so that was cool (it’s my favorite song, (S)aint comes in a close second though). And of course I got to see Pete (who swears he’s going to hang out with me sometime this week..) my favorite straight (but don’t tell his last girlfriend, ’cause he told her he was gay to get out of the relationship…yeah, he’s a big, muscular, wuss…that’s right Pete, you heard me…wuss) bartender. I went up to him and was like “so…um…come out of the closet Pete?” and I raised a brow and he was like “No…” and then sheepishly “I just wanted to break up with my girlfriend” and I was like “you didn’t really think that one through did you…oh well, as long as I get to ride the ride first when you’re ready to experiment.”

The rest of the night was the usual amount of debauchery. Later in the night, Scott (the straight guy we dragged along with us) loosened up a bit and ‘danced’ with me…it was…um, it was interesting…I haven’t gone to many straight dance clubs, I’ve been to straight bars…but if this was any indicator of how straight people dance…I’m sorry…actually, I told him earlier in the night that he needed to move his hips and come in close because dancing was the vertical expression of a horizontal desire…and if his horizontal desire was anything like how he danced…he’s doing it like a monkey in bed…or something…possibly using vines…or maybe he has tree branches in his bedroom that he can swing from or something…

I also ran into some friends who I haven’t seen in a long time (brandinsbabe), Felipe, and a few others.

But in all it was a really fun, really positive weekend experience.

I might have a reckless streak, at least a country mile wide, if you’re gunna run with me it’s gunna be a wild ride. When it comes to loving you I’ve got velvet hands, I’ll show you how a real bad boy, can be a real good man.” – Tim McGraw

So Monday’s game plan is as follows:

Class from 11a-12p

Coffee with stoicdaydreamer at 2pm

Back to the Apartment at around 4pm, vacuum, finish cleaning (the place is looking spiffy)

1 Hour of Pilates

2 Hours of Arabic Practice (our Mid-Term is soon…on the 7th)

Finish Research Proposal for Paauw’s class so I can start doing the fieldwork (which I’ll talk about tomorrow after I’ve written the proposal)…oh, I have to call the researcher at University of Toronto to see if he’ll meet with me.

St. Rose

My friend Jackie (iolausian) is applying for her second graduate degree (she already has her B.A. and her Masters) to St. Rose…I know she’s going to get in, but everyone keep your fingers crossed…when she gets in (and we expect to hear really soon) there will be champagne, and much rejoicing.

I do have a bunch of other things I want to write about (stuff that happened this weekend, semi-deep thoughts, thoughts that aren’t deep at all…actually, one might even call them shallow…) but that’ll have to come later, I’m falling asleep which means it’s time for me to head to bed.

G’night all.

– Matan