Busy, Busy, Busy

Subject: Busy, Busy, Busy

Date: Thursday 10/26/06 12:05:00 AM

Music: Mama’s Room-Under the Influence of Giants-Under the Influence of Giants (Bonus Track)

Arabic III Mid Term on the 7th of November!! I’m so excited…I start studying for it this weekend (not that I don’t normally study, just I’m sort of redoubling efforts so I can pull an A on this one). If I get an A on this Mid-Term I do believe I’ll be getting the 4.0 I’m expecting this semester. That’d be hot…like, close to orgasmic hot.

Wednesday (almost today): I have a committee meeting at 9am, then I’m having coffee with Dawn at like 1-ish (I have to check my date book) followed by a guest lecture presented by Wolfegang Wolck (I can’t wait to take his Sociolinguistics course next semester) which is then followed by Arabic class and then Hookah Night =) and somewhere, in between, I REALLY need to get my other Analysis homework done (it’s on a Greek Data set…I’m refraining from making the obvious jokes).

I handed in my paper today for Kang’s class – with special thanks to covarla for her editing work. I’m pretty sure I’m getting a 97% at the minimum which makes me happy. I’m also revising my proposal for Paauw’s class…I just don’t want to hand it in yet, I need to spend more time thinking it over, and I’ve been doing so on my daily walks, it just really requires a bit more thought until I’m sure I have it setup right.

I do have a ton of stuff to write about at some point…however…I also have a cup of warm tea and a bed that really do require some attention.

G’night All =)

Oh…and Good Show N.J.

– me