Okay, so an update

Subject: Okay, so an update

Date: Wednesday 10/25/06 4:22:00 AM

Music: On Broadway (Edit)-George Benson-The Best Of

So it’s 4:19AM…I have four pages and already, I’m feeling this is an A paper. I can also say, with a good amount of certainty, that I’ve done more work than anyone else in the class on this assignment…which, unlike most of the assignments I do, this one really amounts to nothing more than busy work which annoys me. If the assignment was something that was relevant or would help me understand a concept or theory better, fine I’d enjoy doing it…but don’t waste my time, I find it non-sensical, and disrespectful.

However, now it’s time for a Shower, a Shave, and I need to buzz my head again; then I’m taking an hour off to concentrate on stuff I need to do for Paauw’s class to stay ahead, and then some tea, then back to work. Class at 11am.

Peace all.