In New York

Subject: In New York

Date: Sunday 10/22/06 2:38:00 AM

Howdy All,

I’m in New York City/Long Island resting at the moment, glad to have

power and heat (which my apartment in Buffalo still doesn’t have). I

finished the skateboard park behind our house with my dad today (The

thing is sick…it’s really, really awesome) so I’ll take pictures of

that shortly (and of course, a real post, once I’ve had more sleep).

Not having power in Buffalo all week has been a major drag.

Anyways, I leave you with some of my favorite quotes before I go to

bed (mostly so I can save them on my laptop when I get back to

Buffalo, but I think you’ll all enjoy them too):

“Monolingualism is a disease with a cure.”

What greater stupidity can be imagined than that of calling jewels,

silver, and gold ‘precious,’ and earth and soil ‘base’? People who do

this ought to remember that if there were as great a scarcity of soil

as of jewels or precious metals, there would not be a prince who would

not spend a bushel of diamonds and rubies and a cartload of gold just

to have enough earth to plant a jasmine in a little pot, or to sow an

orange seed and watch it sprout, grow, and produce its handsome

leaves, its fragrant flowers, and fine fruit. It is scarcity and

plenty that make the vulgar take things to be precious or worthless;

they call a diamond very beautiful because it is like pure water, and

then would not exchange one for ten barrels of water.

– Galileo Galilei

“If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.”

– Albert Einstein

“We think the cross to bear is not for those who are gay, but those

who believe in crosses in the first place.”

– Jon Armstrong

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and

I’m not sure about the former.”

– Albert Einstein

“The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has

merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.”

– Albert Einstein

“To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority


– Albert Einstein