It’s October 12th…and It’s a blizzard…

Subject: It’s October 12th…and It’s a blizzard…

Date: Thursday 10/12/06 9:21:00 PM

Mood: sort of amused

No, seriously, it’s a blizzard…as in, it’s October 12 (not even freaking Halloween yet), and there’s more snow TODAY than I’ve seen since I started University oh…five years ago…power lines and tree lines are down everywhere (I have power on and off in my apartment) and my backyard neighbors – behind my apartment complex – had their house go on fire…the fire was then promptly put out by the snow as it fell…I was calling 9-1-1 while I watched out of my kitchen window and hung up as it was put out by the snow…which was good, because it saved Amherst F.D. the time and trouble it would take to get here when they could be responding to more serious calls…Mother Nature did her job, way to go Mom.

There’s trees falling on the power lines that I can see outside my kitchen window…my lines haven’t been hit yet (knock on some serious wood there).

My power is flickering something fierce. I’m charging my cell phone as we speak…and I have my strand bag (authentic from Strand Books in NYC) packed with:

  • a nalgene bottle of iced tea
  • a flash light with new batteries
  • condoms and lube (be prepared)
  • snacks
  • Tide-to-Go (I really hate stains)
  • Passport (in case I decide to say screw it, I’m going to warmer climates)
  • emergency cash
  • I.D.
  • My datebook (I might meet someone and want to set a coffee date)
  • my first aid kit…just in case

Yes, this is what I pack for an emergency. Though I don’t think I’ll have to leave my apartment…those power lines outside sparking, however, do give me slight cause for concern like “oh damn…hope we don’t go on fire too…boy howdy, that’d suck.”

Updates as required, though I have to say, this is some fucked up shit right here.