Updating on the Move

Subject: Updating on the Move

Date: Wednesday 10/11/06 6:23:00 PM

Wow, what a day (I’m totally exhausted and it isn’t even 7pm yet…my body just isn’t ready for the season change, with darkness falling as early as 5pm). Anyways, a quick update before class:

I awoke this morning to a giant clap of thunder, turning to look outside my window (at around 6:30am) I found an ark of animals floating by, slightly concerned, I rolled over and went back to bed.

Reawaking at 9:30am I realized that the ark of animals was now making another pass by my apartment…I waived at the baby giraffes and wombats and came to the realization that perhaps, just maybe, today was not the day to walk to south campus and take the bus. So I got dressed and called the cab company and shelled out the 14.95 required to get to North Campus from my apartment…money well spent, I arrived nice and dry.

I went to class, where really, as days go by, I just want to hit the smirk off the face of our teaching assistant. I mean, I’m cocky, I’ll freely admit that…he just takes pompus to a whole new level. I did however, receive my second assignmeng grade 97.5% – which now means that I have an A in the course.

Which means that my grades, thus far are:

Ling Analysis I: A (97.5%)

Ling Analysis II: A (95.0%)

Sociolinguistics/Fieldwork: A (107.0%)

Arabic: who knows, probably a B+

If I can get Arabic to an A…I’ll be very happy. It’ll be nice to have straight A’s this semester.

I have class in around 40 minutes (Ling Anal II) with Kang…I need an I.V. of Caffeine before hand though if I’m going to make it through awake and as pleasant as possible.

More updates later…possibly after I pass out.

Ohh…I get assignment II back from Kang today…we’ll see how that one went.

Peace out all.