Sweet Mother of Moses

Subject: Sweet Mother of Moses

Date: Thursday 9/28/06 3:30:00 AM

Music: Mama’s Room-Under the Influence of Giants-Under the Influence of Giants (Bonus Track)

Whoever gave me what clearly is a stomach bug, is going to get a beating…no, I’m serious…I’m out for blood. I don’t mean to be offensive, but my rear end feels like it’s on fire and it isn’t in the least bit pleasant.

At this point, I’ve come to the understanding that it would behoove me to take out some shares of stock in Charmin. I’m seriously considering it…that way I can make some of my money back.

After today (which was mainly spent staying as close to the commons as possible, since I have a key to the private bathroom – it’s amazing what happens when you make nice to the Janitor) I have to say I think one-ply toilet paper should be outlawed from this country entirely. Yes, I know, I know…more important legislation first…but dammit this should make it into the hopper one of these days, a quick thumbs up or thumbs down vote would suffice. I’m carrying my own roll with me tomorrow (in all of it’s soft, comforting goodness), I don’t care how much of a freak this makes me look like. It’s the little things in life that bring comfort.

I love Alice (maleficentseyes)…she’s the only one other than Carrie (irenefinlay) where most of what I tell her doesn’t enter into the TMI category. True friends know all about you…and still love you.

I didn’t make it to my 11am class yesterday, as I made mention of, however I did make it to my 7:00-10pm class. I received the grade on my first paper. 95/100 (or a 95%). It’s good, but I can do better (and will do better) on the next paper. At one point in the class the Instructor, the kid who sits diagonal from me and a girl in the back of the room got into a three-way disagreement which was entertaining to listen to.

They just kept on confusing each other until it reached the point of absurdity (this was about two notches down from the Mattress-Spoon Incident in Sorin’s class five years ago, Freshman year). All three (the Instructor, diagonal kid, and the girl in the back) walked away more confused than when they entered and I think that they walked away each thinking they won the argument. Though none was entirely clear on what they were arguing about (in reality, it was three different arguments, none really related), they all argued with incredible conviction, it was wonderful to see that kind of passion – it was the kind of passion that makes watching Anne Coulter vs. Anyone Who’s Sentient wonderful.

Class is getting more interesting.

I have to say he’s getting more entertaining to listen to now that he’s getting into topics that he cares about (he does have a dry sense of humor, which I appreciate). We’re just starting Syntax, and the stuff that we do to practice in his class, I think has great potential to become some kind of Sudoku-esque craze. Maybe a puzzle book (I may make a *.pdf one in Word over December break if I get bored enough…making things like this into games is great practice for exams).

My paper for Paauw’s class is good…really good (I think, obviously the grade willt ell). It’s totally unbiased as far as explaining what’s going on between the social groups I’m writing about (this is for his Sociolinguistics Course) yet, it still packs a punch against militant ignorance. I like it. I think I’m going to make a cup of green tea and then give it the final touches that it needs.

I’m not going to my 9am committee meeting, when my first class is at 3:30p and I’m not feeling well. Besides, I want to share this bug with as few people as possible…I don’t think Buffalo’s Sewer System has the capability or capacity to handle more than a handful of people coming down with whatever this is.

Okay, time to make some tea, do the last edit, pack my back and thenattempt some more sleep.

Peace all.

– Me