Research Proposal Complete…and other things.

Subject: Research Proposal Complete…and other things.

Date: Wednesday 9/27/06 4:39:00 AM

Music: Nip/Tuck: Season 1, Disc 5

I completed my research proposal for Paauw, and it’s hot. It’s very hot. I hope he likes it…because I think when I’m done with it, I may very well have something that I can submit to a journal to be published (*cross your fingers*) and this now puts me ahead of the class; given that the due date for the proposal is November 7th with a rough outline and data set due on the November 16th. Of course, now I have to figure out how I’m going to do all of this research that’s entirely based on a population thats only existent in Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Long Island (I’m thinking I’ll need to use some true blue credit I’ve acquired for free flights and one hell of a Metro Card).

I finished watching the first season of nip/tuck – it was totally amazing; what an ending.

I had stomach pains all of yesterday evening through this morning (as it’s now 4:09am) and I think, listening to my body, that it’s stress related which mean, for the time being, I’m on an organic, vegetable and rice diet to settle my stomach down, that and lots of green tea.

I haven’t been so much stressed as hormonal recently (with an already active libido increased) and lacking in sleep (which I’m sure isn’t helping) but I’m driving home with Eli and Kim this Friday at noon for Yom Kippur (and more importantly…for me, the Kol Nidrei service on Sunday; which I’ve been waiting for with great anticipation).

I’ve been having intense nightmares lately but that’s an effect of not meditating daily like I’m used to…and I’ve had headaches for the past two days, on and off.

My apartment remains at the brink of just where I want it; and once I’m done writing this paper tomorrow for Paauw I think I’ll be able to do the final touches.

All of my balls are in the air right now…but fortunately I have the confidence and foreknowledge to know that none of them are going to drop.

I’ll say this, when I’m in a relationship there is far more incentive to go to bed than when I’m single…not that I’ve ever had a ‘defined’ boyfriend relationship, but I think you all get what I mean.

I got to talk to Ali’s Mom today, which was cool. She shared her recipe for dirt cake with me which is awesome, because that’s how I’ve been tempting 72 undergrads to come to the initial meeting of the UB Linguistics Society, since it’s on Friday, October 13th I’m making theme snacks. I co-founded it and am co-chairing it with my friend Aaron who I sit next to in Arabic Class – Aaron is half Japanese, Half Jewish (we call him our Ninjew), and speaks Japanese fluently…he’s an impressive, impressive person.

Speaking of Arabic: today…Prof. R. paid me a high compliment today, but I still need to reflect on it…every day I sit in his class my confidence grows, as does my reading comprehension…I just need to get my prefixes and suffixes down and I know I have what it takes to master this language. To be asked a question and to be able to fire back without missing a beat is just within my grasp…it’s getting to the point where I can taste it…where I can feel the change (anyone who’s truly studied a foreign language knows what this point feels like).

In random news: I’m a huge dork, and I have Ivri Lider on my Top 8 MySpace Friends (you have no idea how excited I was when I found out he was on MySpace…for those of you who don’t recall, he’s the gorgeous man behind the מרי לנצח lyrics). He’s going to be in Toronto giving a concert (I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, which while disappointing is no where near the end of the world) and I casually remarked to Eli that “it’s one step closer to marrying him” (I’m currently in a fight with Iwan…my Lebanese Pop Star) and Eli was like “no you’re not, you’re both the woman…” and I was like “God Damn, Crush my dreams why don’t you!”

Really, no one likes a pessimist.

~ me