Okay, I’m taking a half a sick day.

Subject: Okay, I’m taking a half a sick day.

Date: Wednesday 9/27/06 5:15:00 AM

Music: Meri Lanetzach-Ivri Lider-Caress

Okay, let’s review:

My stomach is still cramping up on me, which is why I’ve been up doing work while watching dvds on the laptop because I can’t sleep because I’m uncomfortable and rather than toss and turn, I found it more productive to do work for Paauw’s class.

I’m short of sleep, and in general not feeling well.

Class Participation is 20% of the grade, and you’re allowed 3 absences.

I’ve only used one absence.

Homework assignments (which I previously thought was best 4 out of 5 is actually best 5 out of 6 which is even better because it means that I have a totally clean slate to work with).

Today’s class exercise is what I did my independent study on, and what Prof. Paauw just reviewed with us AND is the same thing we’ve been reviewing over the past two weeks in my Wednesday Night Class.

Homework Two (which I’m counting as homework one) isn’t being assigned until Friday…and it’s transcription…what we’re going over today is non-English Phonetics…which won’t be on the homework, because the homework is transcribing our own speech.

All handouts (or around 95% of them) come from the textbook).

: .

There is no Guilt…I’m not feeling well, I’ve had a headache on and off for the past two days, I’m taking this morning off for medical rest, and I’ll go to my night class at 7:00; and will feel much better because of it and folks will just have to deal. I’m on the ball in all my classes, I know the material, I’m not behind on any assignments, rather I’m ahead…I just hate missing class, but…sometimes shit happens. This would be one of those times, such is life.