So that update!

Subject: So that update!

Date: Tuesday 9/26/06 2:05:00 AM

Music: London Bridge-Fergie-London Bridge – Single

Linguistic Analysis:

The class is wonderful; incredible graduate student for an instructor (she’s Chinese and listening to her speak is wonderful, I love her accent). I made a stupid mistake on the first paper for which I’m kicking myself, I passed…just not with the flying colors I’ve become accustomed to. However, the best 4 out of 5 papers count so we’ll take this one and consider it null and move on from there. I’m an A student and I don’t take kindly to myself when I make a mistake. Anything less than an A is unacceptable; I’m better than that and it bothers me that I made that mistake…it won’t happen again.

The final exam is a three hour open book/open notebook exam. The last time I sat for a three hour exam was for a professional certification. This should be fun to study for (I mean that, seriously. I love exams).

In other class notes, I throw off her transcription because I transcribe my Lawngiland accent which has some weird diphthongs…she got into it today though when we were transcribing in class; I was glad there was another Islander to back me up though…otherwise she’d have thought I was crazy (now she can think we’re BOTH crazy!) but she enjoyed it because it was different, so it was chill.

Language, Society & The Individual (or as I like to call it, Linguistic Analysis II)

This class is okay; certainly not my favorite but every person has their own teaching style and I’m not a fan of his. This doesn’t mean he’s not capable and competent (he’s clearly both)…he’s just no Jaeger, Paauw or Roustum (all three are incredibly tough acts to follow). However, he is a fan of Pixar, so he can’t be all that bad.

I’m fairly certain (though I’ll receive confirmation on Wednesday) that I received an A on the first paper.

The final exam is also a three hour open book/open notebook exam.


With Scott Paauw is just amazing; we’re almost done with our training to do fieldwork and we’re about to be sent into the field to collect data and analyze it (in the hopes that we can also send it with our grad school applications of an outstanding paper we’ve written). I’m both incredibly nervous and incredibly excited all at the same time, I have a paper I need to finish for him for Thursday (an analysis, but no data collection). I’ve done all the readings for it and I’ve marked up the pages so I know what I want to say (always write in your books and on your handouts kids, it saves you time later when you need to prove that you’re brilliant) so I’ll write it in the morning with a cup of coffee.

I received a 120% on the first quiz (short answer). I’ll judge my position in the class when I get my first paper back. I think I’m close to the top, but it’s hard to say. I’ve missed no class and I always participate which counts for a lot…again, I’ll judge when the first paper comes back.

Arabic III

With Prof. R. is amazing; it’s going slowly…like it should. We’re doing more conversation and more writing and we’re adding to our vocabulary bank which is wonderful. I’m getting better at site reading, but not where I want to be yet (which is, fluent…but that’ll take about another seven or so years – in all seriousness). There’s a Mid-Term and a Final (both in-class) which, while not coming up soon, I do need to start studying for (there’s no homework for this class). After Yom Kippur, I think that’s what Sundays will be dedicated to.


Is currently on self study mode and is going as far as I have time for. It’ll go better towards December when I have more time to study on my own.

Grad School

So I have (at my count) about eight more classes until I graduate…four next semester, two over the Summer, two in the Fall (I can’t wait to deal with the insurance nightmare that I just know is coming). So I apply to Grad Schools this coming fall and I’ll take the GRE’s next semester (so I can study for them all but the ten days over December when I’m in the Middle East). I’m incredibly nervous and incredibly excited. To combat the nervousness I clean the apartment and sell belongings that I won’t be bringing with me wherever the next leg of this journey takes me. This is doubly productive because the apartment gets cleaned and I get cash…this is a deficit because I’ve had to explain to people “no…I’m not suicidal (apparently getting rid of stuff gets people concerned), I just REALLY hate packing and I don’t own a lot of things that I consider precious and I swore to myself that the next place I moved to, I’d only be moving with a backpack…do you need a vase? Space heater?”

As I said in an earlier entry, I’ve pretty much solidified my grad schools (with of course, the provision that everything is always subject to change).

Berkley would be cool, for many reasons. I’m a little iffy on California (it’s not like I don’t know people there, Tae, Kara, Nikki, Greg, and the list goes on) mostly because I’m so connected to NYC. However, I’m willing to give everything a try and who knows what I’ll find I like…I mean, I’d also have to do something like find Berkley on a map…(Geography and I have ‘issues’).

UB would be lovely for my Masters. I’m comfortable here, it’s close to NYC, and most of my friends haven’t graduated yet and more importantly…I can afford it; which really is a huge factor. I think I’ll have an easier time obtaining my Ph.D. if I already have my Masters and can work. However, I think I’m also looking for a new start (though one I’m willing to delay for a bit). In all honesty, I’d be happy either way (and I know I’d be more comfortable not having to totally uproot yet), though if I go here for grad school I’m moving Downtown for sure. The heights are far too suburb-y for me and I’d rather have a flat as it is anyway.

Tel Aviv University could be amazing (and Tel Aviv, as a city, is my backup plan if I’m not accepted anywhere).

Boulder could be awesome. While I’ve never been there, I hear Colorado is gorgeous…benefit: my family (all of whom Ski) would visit me often. Deficit, my family (all of whom Ski) would visit my often…I’m just kidding, I do love my Family and they’re always welcome wherever I am.

I’m a little iffy on Ohio…I’d have to see the University. I don’t know much about Ohio, other than the fact that a fictional character who I’ve been enamored with since middle school fictitiously grew up there.

Australia right now is on the same level a Tel Aviv in the list. While it would be nice it doesn’t make sense to move to a place where I wouldn’t be financially comfortable; one I have my Masters I’ll look at the issue again.

“Trust me honey, being on Alimony is NOT unemployed”

Holy Good God, I love Nip/Tuck…what an awesome, awesome, awesome show.