Okay First Month Round Up Coming Soon

Subject: Okay First Month Round Up Coming Soon

Date: Saturday 9/23/06 2:21:00 AM

But I have to say; the Department Meeting today was awesome…and I now have the list of schools I’m applying to for grad school (roughly, I will be adding a few more but, the main list is): Buffalo, Boulder, CO, Berkley, Ohio, Tel-Aviv and one or two more based on their Afro-Asiatic (e.g. Arabic and Hebrew) Linguistics Programs/Faculty (so hard to find…you have no idea) and we can’t forget Harvard – For a Rejection Letter (I plan on having it matted, framed, and hung next to the nobel prize I plan on winning) ; which makes my life slightly less stressful and I just got back from chilling at Alice’s (maleficentseyes) which is always fun…and in all honesty, if I go to grad school at UB…I may be living at The East Amherst Youth Hostel.

L’Shana Tova Everyone! And a Happy Mabon Too…I’ll be celebrating both Tomorrow, so doubly blessed.

And now, it’s time for me to curl up and sleep (my bed, has been getting more and more pillows on it recently…it’s turning into a nest…but it’s helping me sleep…I’ll explain that, other things…and why I hate butterflies, in my next post).

And I leave you all with this theoretical question I received from irenefinlay – my opposite number in Boston:

Okay…so what would you rather do….see 100 vaginas up close and personal or 100 butterflies? I know you hate both.

Honestly, 100 Vaginas…they may have teeth…but they can’t fly.