Got back from camping yesterday

Subject: Got back from camping yesterday

Date: Monday 9/18/06 2:28:00 AM

Music: Bring Me to Life-Rayzd-Just Fade Away: Music of Cowboy Bebop

Friended so this doesn’t windup on facebook (since this blog runs an RSS/Atom feed into my facebook page):

I got back from camping Yesterday (with stories to tell), I’ll tell them Tomorrow.

I also became much more proficient in Hebrew…as it was the only way we could talk about what an ass Jordan (the new hillel director) was acting like the whole weekend. He was just sort of…well, not the guy we thought he was and we were in close quarters with 27 people…so we just spoke in Hebrew to each other (myself, two israelis, two solomon shecter grads) for most of the trip (I honestly think I spoke more Hebrew than I did English) and wrote in Hebrew when we couldn’t speak (he doesn’t know the aleph-bet in block, let alone cursive and certainly doesn’t know more Hebrew than the word for Vagina…which we had to teach him…we also had to teach him the blessings for the wine and the bread…of which, I think he remembers nothing). Fortunately anyone who would tell him what we were saying didn’t speak Hebrew which made things easier. It’s not like we were angry (no harsh words were exchanged) I think we were all just sort of bewildered and blind-sided by the whole experience.

There was a LOT of hookah smoking.

We’ll deal with all the shit on Tuesday. I honestly wouldn’t say the trip was ‘fun’; but going through the experience with some of my close friends made it fun…because we all just sat there going to each other “did he really just say that?” so while I wouldn’t want to go through it alone (or again, for that matter), going through it with friends certainly brought us all together and was an eye opener I’m glad we all shared…because if I wasn’t there, I honestly don’t know I’d believe he could act that way…so this way we all got to see at once that the other wasn’t crazy (if that makes sense).

There was no harsh words exchanged between anyone, if anything we just were sort of shocked going “what happened?”

I’m still processing everything.

Okay, bed time…Tomorrow at 4:00PM I get to go to the Interfaith Prayer Session with the Dalai Lama who’s visiting UB (which should be interesting).


– me