Lunch & …Sex…

Subject: Lunch & …Sex…

Date: Sunday 9/10/06 2:25:00 AM

Music: Tsst-South Park-South Park, Season 10

So Jordan walks into the office today (wearing an almost matching shirt to the one I had on, we were both wearing blue and white baseball shirts…his said ‘Cubs’ on it, mine said ‘Uke’…) and he goes “I brought you lunch” and I was like “oh, cool” (expecting that his Mom made some extra food or something)…dude, he stopped and picked up three trays of Sushi (!) and a loaf of Challah (the combination of the two actually makes a traditional Jewish meal…) which made me SO happy (and of course allowed me to forgive him for coming in like, two hours after I did after he made such a big deal the night before, telling everyone he was going ‘to be in the office all day’).

In current news, however, the downstairs neighbors are currently having sex…I feel bad for them though, whenever they have sex, it lasts them like…ten minutes…with the right guy (and lube), I can go for at least an hour. Which means (mathematically speaking) for them to make up for the noise that I make during intercourse (providing there’s some kind of sex-noise-karma), they have to have sex six times, to my one.

fun fact.

Okay, bed time now…for real, I hear my Pajamas & Stuffed Animals calling.